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Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough

Written by  Sabin

33. It Burns When I Fight Dragons

Enemies: Warlock, Kary, RedGiant, Ging Ryu, D.Bone, Behemoth, Bahamut
Treasures: GauntletGenji, ShieldGenji, ArmorGenji, HelmetGenji

Before you head for Earth, it may prove valuable to give Rydia her most powerful summon. Head to the control panel and take flight. Head for the octagonal shaped section with a cave in its center. Land on the north segment and head for the cave. A fair warning, enemies in this cave can get pretty nasty. Get your game faces on and be tough. Note that ArrowAngel do extra damage against RedGiants, and you can steal ArrowArtemiss from Karys, and even get the BowArtemis, Rosa's best weapon, as a rare drop.

Go directly south to find one piece of some good armor for Cecil. Head back up and to the right. Go up to the right hand corner of the next section to find a secret path that leads to another piece of equipment for Cecil. Head back and then down to the right. Find the next door and continue on. Head to the left where you'll see some columns. Head up and you'll find another piece of armor for Cecil in the treasure chest. The chest to the right reveals the final piece of his armor. You now have the complete Genji collection.

As you head up the narrow connection that leads to the next floor, you'll be drawn into a forced battle with a Behemoth. This is labeled as a regular enemy, but he fights just like a boss. He even has the music to go with it. So here's a mini-strategy on the Behemoth. Stay away from strong magic attacks as he counters with an even stronger magic attack. Rydia's summons don't qualify for that, however none of the summons actually do much damage. If you keep Edge and Cecil hacking away, he'll go down. Rosa, Rydia, and FuSoYa's job is to make sure they stay alive. That means dual OCure3 from Rosa and FuSoYa , and OAsura from Rydia. If you have the time, Rosa can use OSlow to slow down the beast, OArmor to attempt to knock down the damage he deals you with his massively strong physical attack, or OBlink to negate a couple attacks against one of the characters. As soon as he falls, it actually may not be a bad idea to warp out of the cave to recover from that battle.

As you head into the next room, you'll be engaged in another Behemoth battle. If you went out to rest up, then you'll be golden. If you're still beleaguered from the last Behemoth battle, you're in trouble. Stick with the original strategy of Cecil and Edge attacking and the other three curing. The beast will fall eventually. If you're weak after battle, cast OExit and rest up. Then head back in. Head along the same narrow path. When it looks like you're home free, you run into another staged Behemoth battle. Again, follow the two attack-three cure format and he should go down. After this third and final Behemoth battle, I highly suggest you warp out of the dungeon and recover your health and save the game, because it's going to be one nasty fight next.

Once you make it back, climb the stairs to where he's waiting for you. Once you talk to him, he'll say that he'll pass the final judgment on you. Whether that means he'll be your undoing or if you're truly worthy is all on how you fight.

Hit %
Magic Atk.
Evade %
Mag. Def.
Mag. Ev. %
Stolen/Dropped Items
Dropped Item %
Added Attack Properties
Status Immunities
Elemental Absorb
This one can be easy or can be hard, however you want to play it. You start off seeing a countdown beginning with 5. Know that nothing good has ever come from an enemy counting down. It's vastly important for Rosa and FuSoYa to come up. Your first responsibility is to cast OWall on the character of your choice. Both characters can cast the spell, so you have the option of sparing two characters. Or, if you have a StarVeil or MoonVeil (items that add reflect status), then have either Cecil, Edge, or Rydia use it. At any rate, when the countdown reaches zero, Bahamut will blast everyone with Mega Flare which demolishes everyone. Fortunately, for those characters you selected to have the effects of wall, the magic gets deflected back to the dragon. I highly suggest that you wall Rosa and FuSoYa at least. Have Rydia use OLevia or her strongest black magic spell. FuSoYa will attack with OHoly. The countdown will begin again. Hopefully the effects of OWall are still there if the countdown reaches zero again. You can check by selecting any status-effecting spell; the protected individuals will be marked. As long as Mega Flare doesn't knock out everyone, Bahamut will fall under the weight of FuSoYa's OHoly.

After the fight, Rydia will be given the ability to summon Bahamut at will. True to his name, Bahamut is the god of summons. He is by far the deadliest summon Rydia can call upon. You're probably pretty spent by now - just warp back to the surface and get going.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IV
Version 6
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