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Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough

Written by  Sabin

29. Cookware and the Modern Paladin

Enemies: Ghost, ToadLady, TinyToad, Malboro, DarkTree, Centpede
Treasures: ArrowAngel, Bestiary, MaidKiss, OHiPotion, RodCharm, 1000 Gil, OCabin, ArrowLit, ArrowIce, ArrowFire, OEther1, KnifeMute, OElixir, BowElvenBow

Hop in the Falcon and head for the northeastern most point of the map. There's a cave in the red mountains there. It's suggested, though not entirely necessary, that Rosa have already learned OFloat before coming here. The glowing green steps on the ground inflict damage if you are not in float status. The float status goes away every time you enter a new room, so you'll have to keep doing it.

The Sylvan Cave is circular in that you will eventually come in a complete circle when you visit all areas. Head to the right and snag some treasure. Then head to the door down the hall. You'll come out and see another door along the same segment. Go to it and it'll lead to you more treasure. There's a hidden path next to the first treasure that leads to the previously-unreachable one. Head back and down the path to the next door. The symbol that you see on the immediate right that's surrounded by glowing green steps represents a save point. You know what to do. Go up to find what appears to be a dead end. In fact, check out the corner to find a hidden passage that leads to what seemed to be an unreachable treasure chest. Head back to the left and head into the door. Go up the hall and into the first door that'll lead to an assortment of more treasures. Make sure you're floating so you won't get hurt when you get them. Head back out and continue up the hall. Before entering the door, find the hidden passage on the wall that leads to the secluded treasure chest. A warning, though, that it is a monster-in-a-box. Head back through the passage and to the next section. This is finally a section that leads to more than just a treasure chest. Make your way through the hall and you'll find a mysterious cabin in the cave. Head in to meet the owners of the weird establishment.

The mythical Sylphs live in the cave. And they're with of someone awfully familiar. Nothing you can do seems to help, so you're better off leaving the cave for a bit to find someone who might know better, and then coming back. For now, though, the Sylphs offer to help the best way they can, by offering Rydia the ability to summon them into battle.

The Sylph summon can be very helpful, though it doesn't always work very effectively. Rydia can use the Sylph summon to drain the HP out of one enemy and filter it into the entire group, causing damage to an enemy and healing your party. The old double whammy. With this new summon, head onward.

You might want to take a trip back to Fabul quite soon, too, just to confirm that everything's okay and update Yang's wife.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IV
Version 6
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