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Long before we had the opportunity to be the fancy site we are today, the CoN decided to make up for its lack of fancy graphic design or attention-grabbing domain name by simply producing the best content we possibly could. This is where it all started, and this is where it continues more than fifteen years on. We cover a large chunk of the classic Squaresoft canon, and of those games we cover more versions, too. See below for all our games and to start your search for knowledge.

Final Fantasy I

Coverage Added: 15 August 2004

The oldest game covered here, Final Fantasy I remains a classic that Final Fantasy gamers really should play. While the NES (and related Virtual Console) version that we cover is long in the tooth, and the PlayStation and PSN versions were little-noticed, the game itself can be quite fun and the basic coverage can be used to play any number of other versions of the game.

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Final Fantasy IV

Coverage Added: Summer 2001

Final Fantasy IV, the second game added to the CoN stable, also holds the distinction of being the deepest coverage in terms of game versions, with the site sporting coverage for the original SNES version, the PlayStation remake, and even the Game Boy Advance remake released in the naughts. Among these three versions, you can even play reasonably well on a handful of other releases, including the most recent release on PSP!

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Final Fantasy V

Coverage Added: 15 February 2003

An oft-overlooked entry in both the Final Fantasy series and also at CoN, Final Fantasy V truly deserves more notice from a wider array of gamers. To help that cause, the site now covers the PlayStation release and its associated PlayStation Network download, as well as the Game Boy Advance version, all of which are pretty widely available and ready to be played.

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Final Fantasy VI

Coverage Added: 31 July 1997

The first game ever covered at the Caves of Narshe, our coverage here remains among the most popular on the site. We cover the original SNES and identical Virtual Console versions, and our SNES coverage works great for the PlayStation and PSN releases too!

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Final Fantasy VII

Coverage Added: 13 February 2005

Final Fantasy VII is the biggest selling game that Square has ever made, whether under the Squaresoft or Square Enix banner. This despite being released relatively infrequently compared to some other games covered here, with only one real version available in the West (released for PlayStation, Windows, and eventually PSN - our coverage will help you play any of the three!).

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Final Fantasy IX

Coverage Added: 9 September 2016

Final Fantasy IX moves into the CoN roster as our newest coverage and the newest game we cover in terms of release, too. It is perhaps fitting that here at CoN "newest" is something of an irony, for Final Fantasy IX itself has always been recognized as a convalescence of old and new, pushing boundaries for the series' future while reaching back to become one of the truest successors to the original feel of a Final Fantasy. This game ended the PSX era, and laid dormant until its mobile and Steam releases a decade and a half later - our guides cover them all!

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Coverage Added: 30 April 2003

One might consider this the most incongruous game covered by the CoN (or, one might choose the next game in the list, too). However, after playing FFT for the first time, there was no doubt in our minds that the spirit of this tactical RPG fit right into the mold of classic Final Fantasy games. We cover the PlayStation and PlayStation Network versions here, and the vast majority of the information can be used to play the PlayStation Portable and iOS releases as well.

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Chrono Trigger

Coverage Added: 1 April 2009

The one of the newer coverages added to the site, to which some viewers might wonder: "But this is a Final Fantasy site!" While that was once correct, the roots of adding Chrono Trigger to CoN go back over a decade, and as many people would tell you, Chrono Trigger might be the finest JRPG ever made. It deserves the CoN treatment, and we've delivered it for every version ever released, including SNES, PSX, PSN, Virtual Console, and Nintendo DS.

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