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Caves of Narshe Linking/Copying Policy

Written by  Tiddles
Site Developer

Feel free to browse the site as you please. However, if you wish to link to or use specific material from the site elsewhere, please take note of the following rules.

You’re welcome to directly link to the following from us:

  • Web pages of any kind, including forum topics, fanart pages and fanfiction.

You MAY NOT directly link to any of the following from our site; however, you MAY copy such items and use them elsewhere:

  • Graphics from games covered or not covered on the site; and
  • Fanart images and fanfiction, IF AND ONLY IF you have obtained permission from the artist/author of the relevant work.

You also MAY NEITHER LINK TO NOR COPY the following:

  • Graphics created by Caves of Narshe for layouts, etc.;
  • Fanart images and fanfiction, unless you have permission from the artist/author; and
  • Downloadable material of any sort (by which we mean neither pages nor images).

Just to reiterate: Linking directly to images or downloadable files on our server is prohibited.

Further, copying the site’s HTML source code is also prohibited, though you may naturally link to our pages which use it.

Our reasons for this policy are as follows:

Intellectual Property
Artists and writers whose work is displayed on this site have given their express permission for it to do so. They have not given permission for it to appear elsewhere. If you want such permission, you should contact them via the methods shown in the fanfiction listing, or on the rating pages for their fanart.
(If your fanart or fanfiction has somehow come to be displayed on this site and you have not given permission, or you wish to revoke permission, please contact
If you wish to use layout artwork or source code, please contact However, it is extremely unlikely that permission will be granted.
In the case of downloads which are not created by us, we advise you to download these from the original source and keep up-to-date with those source pages rather than relying on us. We make every effort to keep our downloads up-to-date, but we may occasionally slip up or get behind. We’d rather not cause a cascade of out-of-date downloads on other sites in doing so, which might happen if our page was being used as the source for updated versions. You should also take note of any policies on the source site which request that you ask for permission before providing a download mirror.
We’re a relatively small site. If you’ve stopped by before, I’m sure you know what we’re about well enough. Certainly, we don't consume anywhere near as much bandwidth as one of the gigantic, all-encompassing Final Fantasy sites, and I'm sure they don't consume nearly as much as still more popular and general sites. But, equally, we can’t afford to pay for that much bandwidth.
Caves of Narshe is growing month by month, and so is our bandwidth usage. At the current growth rate, we’ll need to double the amount we spend on hosting by the end of the year. There doesn’t seem to be much we can do to avoid this, but what we can do to reduce strain on our bandwidth, we will. First and foremost, this means preventing people from linking to our images externally.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact

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