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Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics

A warrior takes sword in hand, clasping a gem to his heart...
Engraving vanishing memories into the sword,
He places finely honed skills into the stone.
Spoken from the sword, handed down from the stone,
Now the story can be told...

Introduced by  Rangers51
CoN Webmaster

Released in January 1998, Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the most innovative console RPGs of its time. It took classic CRPG elements and combined them with more strategy, including a job system and a battle system in which characters walk around and fight on a map. Though Final Fantasy Tactics didn't enjoy immediate success, it has become a cult classic with a huge following and has recently been named a Greatest Hit. After that, it not only spawned a Game Boy Advance game with similar mechanics (but wildly different storyline), it also received the classic Squenix remake treatment in October 2007 for the PSP.

Final Fantasy Tactics takes gamers to the world of Ivalice through the eyes of Ramza Beoulve, a noble who learns the truth about the way the world works. The game takes place during the Lion War in which two Princes of Ivalice vie for who should reign while the late King's son grows up. However, someone else is controlling the war, and Ramza takes it upon himself to determine just who that is, and to stop them...

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Final Fantasy Tactics Release Dates
Japan 20 June 1997Usa 28 January 1998
Japan 10 May 2007Europe 5 October 2007
Usa 9 October 2007
Japan March 9 2011Usa 19 July 2011
Europe 30 June 2011
Global 4 August 2011
Japan 14 February 2013Usa 4 June 2015
Europe 4 June 2015
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Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy Tactics
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