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Germonik Scriptures Transcript

If you're a true fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, you've probably read the Germonik Scriptures front to back, to get a better feeling for the game's backstory. But it's annoyingly difficult to read on your PlayStation, isn't it? The pages are slow, and reading on your TV screen, well, sucks. So we've taken pity on you all and transcribed them for you here. Thank us later.

I picked up the 'Germonik Scriptures' Simon gave me and flipped through the pages... The text was in an ancient holy script with drawings in places. It was damaged and hard to read. I wondered what was written int it?

Then, I saw some words in a language I recognized. Somebody had written some notes in the "Ikoku language". Who could have done it?

Judging from the ink, the older notes were written years ago. But the newer ones were written only days ago. It smudged when I rubbed it. The ink was not yet dry. They were written by the same person. I realized Simon had been slowly translating this book over the years.

... tried reading it by referring to his partial notes.

It says, This is written by a follower of St. Ajora, Germonik... Germonik...? I'd heard that name before. Must've been in history class.

Then, it came to me. Germonik was the disciple who betrayed St. Ajora by selling him to the Yudora Empire...... It was amazing Germonik's book was even still in existance!

Calming myself, I turned the pages. Then, I found something more amazing than the historical legacy in my hands.

I thought Germonik compiled St. Ajora's words in this book. I though[t] Germonik compiled St. Ajora's words in this book. But I was wrong. It's a record of St. Ajora's activities. And not the St. Ajora we know. A record of Ajora, the human.

First off, St. Ajora is not human. I'm not a true believer in Glabados like Zalbag, but I do believe St. Ajora was a 'Child of God' sent from Heaven to save this troubled world. Rather, I should say I did believe......until I read this book...

It was the golden age, when many airships flew all over the sky...

The day St. Ajora was born in Bervenia of Lesalia, he stood up, walked to the well and said, 'Calamity will come from this well soon. We must seal it so people don't drink the water'.

Days later, plague swept over Bervenia. The people who drank the tainted water died...But the only family who believed him didn't get sick and survived. Since then, people called him 'Miracle Child', 'Child of God'.

When St. Ajora turned 20, he became a 'Savior', and was sent to Heaven as 'a member of God'...

Long before Ivalice was united, it was divided into 7 small kingdoms; Zeltennia, Fovoham, Lionel, Limberry, Lesalia, Gallione, Murond. As the kingdoms continued to increase their territories, the wars continued.

In the several hundred years of war, an ambitious young king was born in Murond. Though he lead an army large enough to cover Ivalice, the way to victory was long and hard. Using the secret method from an ancient book, the king tried to summon a[n] evil spirit and use its power. But the evil spirit killed the king and tried to destroy the world...

One Brave with 12 followers, collected 'Zodiac Stones' from all over the world and revived them. They destroyed evil in an instant and succeeded in sending the evils back to Hades. This's how they became 'Saviors'.

That's the 'Zodiac Braves' legend. Ever since, every time the world is in danger, they appear, save the world and disappear.

When St. Ajora was alive, similar things occurred. The King of Limberry summoned an evil spirit to take over Ivalice. The world once again fell into crisis. St. Ajora collected 12 Holy Stones, just like the legend, formed the Zodiac Braves and killed the evil.

But 'Heroes' are always a nuisance to rulers of a country...

The Yudora Empire was afraid of Ajora who was gaining power, announcing the arrival of God's kingdom. Yudora sent troops against one of his sects. The priests of Fara, the largest sect then, were afraid of St. Ajora's power. He was caught and executed at Golgorand Execution grounds after Germonik told of his whereabouts for money.

But St. Ajora was a 'Child of God' and the priests of Fara were smitten by an angry God. After the execution, the base at Fara, Murond sunken by various natural disasters.

This is how St. Ajora was sent to Heaven as a 'Child of God', and became a 'Member of God'...

And that's all I know. All anyone in Ikoku knows of the 'Myth' of St. Ajora. But the St. Ajora in the 'Germonik Scriptures' was a totally different person...

Ajora was not a 'Child of God', but a human just like us. An ambitious revolutionary who fought to fulfill his dream. Moreover, he loved peace and was not a hero who risked his life for others.

This is what Germonik wrote...

A founder of an advanced new religion, Ajora was a threat to the Empire. But Ajora had another 'side' to him other than being a priest. He was a spy who entered enemy territory agitating and gaining information.

Anyhow, Ajora was a threat to the empire. The empire sent Germonik to find proof that Ajora was a spy. Yes, Germonik was also a spy of the empire watching Ajora's activities.

They say Ajora tried to revive the Zodiac Braves. Germonik found some Holy Stones to prove it. But, what does that have to do with reformation?

I don't know if young King Limberry really summoned an evil spirit. At least nothing is written about it in the book. However, it's a fact that Murond met with natural disaster and sunk into the sea at the time of Ajora's death.

This is where Simon's notes were most intereseting. They appeared to be his personal opinion...

"Despite rumors of its exsitance, no one ever saw the 'Germonik Scriptures'. I don't know whether the book tells the truth or fabricates Ajora's great achievements..."

"When I was a heresy examiner for the church, many examiners felt afraid to show people the book. The High Priest probably felt the same because everything the book said was true."

"After Ajora's death, the church had to unite St. Ajora with God making him divine. To do that, unsuitable facts had to be deleted from history and St. Ajora had to become a 'Child of God'."

"They were wise to use the Zodiac Brave story, widely believed in Ikoku. It was easy to make people believe that the Zodiac Braves led by Ajora killed an imaginary evil spirit."

"When I read this book I lost my faith. But I'm not sad...because it inspired me to search for the truth."

"At the same time, I'm guilty for not bringing it to light, even though I knew the church was lying. Why? Because if I told people about the book, I was afraid they would take the library away from me."

"It would have been devastating if the library was taken away from me because it satisfied my thirst for knowledge. But, my curiosity got the best of me."

Simon spoke of 'An imaginary evil'. But I sensed a scheme by someone other than the High Priest, after seeing the berserk power of the Holy Stones.

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