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What is CoN on Amazon?

"I, Garland, will KNOCK PRICES DOWN!" —Garland

Short version: CoN gets a little cash if you (or your family or anyone else!) buy any item from Amazon through the CoN site.

Long version: CoN on Amazon, more commonly known as AmaCoN, is CoN's connection to all the stuff you actually want to buy. It's not us selling you down the river for our own profit, it's just us providing the games, books, toys, music, et cetera in a manner that benefits us all, in association with Amazon.

CoN honestly costs a nice little bit of cash to operate. While the staff of the site enjoys providing all of our great content to you guys, and we write the checks every year with a smile, it never hurts to have a bit of extra money around to help pay the bills, fund new contests, buy new software for the site, things like that. So, we've partnered with Amazon to bring you their massive selection and great prices straight through the Caves of Narshe; in return, every little thing you buy tosses a little bit of cash back into our coffers.

So, here's what we can promise you with AmaCoN:

  1. You can get most anything you want, thanks to Amazon's huge selection in dozens of product categories. It doesn't have to be games or anime, it can be anything from games to music to kitchenware to televisions to computers to textbooks to just about anything else.
  2. You'll be dealing with the number one online retailer in the world. They're safe, they're secure, and they're well regarded the world over.
  3. You can shop from just about anywhere - we have AmaCoN shops set up for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and you can use the US and UK ones to ship all over!
  4. You'll be bringing money to CoN and only to CoN. Your purchases won't support R51's crack habit, nor will they go into Climhazzard's RAM addiction. All the proceeds roll right into the server or marketing costs incurred by the site.

By now, you must be interested, right? No problem, it's easy. Just go to the AmaCoN main page. Remember, if you go to Amazon from any link on CoN or from a CoN staffer, CoN will get the credit for any purchases you make until you close your browser.

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