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Have you tried our magical quizzes? They're quite magical, we're told. And they're quite different if you've been around long enough to have seen the old ones. Now, we have three types of quizzes, divided by the sources from which the questions come:

  • Local quizzes get questions from the games we cover here at CoN or CoN itself;
  • Regional quizzes come from all other Square Enix games;
  • Global quizzes can come from the entire video gaming universe, including games, consoles, video game companies, or even the influences gaming has on popular culture.

Quizzes will remain open for two months apiece, and we'll add new quizzes every month for each tier, too. We save your scores and your time to take each quiz, so quality and speed both count if you want to compete with the best.

From this page, the Main Quiz Page, you can view a list of all the quizzes that are open that you have yet to take. As you take each quiz, it will disappear from this list; if you don't see any quizzes below, well, you'll just have to wait for the next set to be put up!

If you want to see how you've done historically on quizzes, you can turn to the "Your Quiz History" section, which will describe each quiz you've started, with your scores, time, and date completed. The "Score" column will, additionally, link to a page where you can see your score in detail, as well as how your competition fared; if you didn't finish but there's still time to do so, you can finish that quiz by clicking the "To Be Completed" link.

Finally, you can look at the top scorers for all quizzes, each quiz tier individually, or even any quiz that you've completed and/or has been closed by visiting the "Top Scorers" link in the navigation.

Attention: You are not currently logged in to CoN. You can not take any quizzes before logging in. Please register, login, or retrieve your password if you have lost it.

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