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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction


by Shotgunnova


Turks have human sides as well. This romantic fiction from Shotgunnova explores that humanity.

Squared Circle

by Lothar Goldfist


Like his FF6 fic (Or should that be other FF6 fic?) Reflections, Lothar Goldfist succeeds where hundreds have failed with this intresting fiction: A successful, properly-explained crossover. In Midgar, as a small group of people from a far off village travel to the city in search of a cure for a certain old woman's illness, a clash of the titans is set up, and chaos ensues as two supersoldiers, old and new, tear apart Midgar as they try to tear apart each other. Contains some violence.

A Warrior's Redemption

by Artiles


A story of an almost legendary Shinra soldier... thankfully without an oversized sword. This gritty fiction by Artiles contains some violent scenes and strong language some readers may find disturbing.

Another Path

by Del S


An alternate set of events of sorts, depicting what would have happened had the Shin-Ra decided not to simply collapse Sector 7 down onto the lower slums, but instead, send in special forces. Contains some violence.

His Lifestream

by Damien Valar


An interesting fanfiction, extrapolating from the ending in a very original and unsettling way. Although the setting is very far from what you'd usually expect from an after-game fiction, the reactions and inner struggles of the main characters are very well depicted, and also stray a little bit from the usual assumptions on Cloud's feelings.

Ultima Farce

by Del S

Chapter 1 (2005)
Chapter 2 (2005)
Chapter 3 (2005)
Chapter 4 (2005)

A fic inspired by the ITV1 drama show "Ultimate Force" (and consequently by the British Special Air Service), this comedic fic has Del's usual inane jokes, a fairly hefty amount of violence, and some minor language. Containing mostly orginal characters and even an original sub-division of SOLDIER, The Airborne Service.

By the Dying Inferno

by Zephir


Taking place before the events of the game, this fanfic is about the grisly battle that occured near Cosmo Canyon, with Seto and Tikami (Red XIII's mother) as the main characters.


by Hsiu


An experiment in English writing that turned out really well. This is a short piece centering around Aeris's memories, and deals with in-game events. This fanfic was submitted to the forums quite some time ago, and was re-requested by the fanfic manager to be put on the website.


by Illyna


This fanfic deals with the Turks, mostly Rude and Reno as they're holding interviews for a new member. It takes place near the start of the game, and gives interesting fan-made backstory.

The City of the Ancients

by Elena99


Set outside the game, this short fanfic looks at what happens when a normal human enters the City of the Ancients, and sees evidence of the mysterious events that occured there.

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