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Ultima Farce

by Del S

Chapter 1 (2005)
Chapter 2 (2005)
Chapter 3 (2005)
Chapter 4 (2005)

Chapter 3

Part Three
UoMSSMC Hospital, Pharmaceutical wing, 10:10AM
Hossceler reviewed his troops. Of the thirty he had started with (24 soldiers, 2 APC drivers, 2 gunners, the lieutenant, and his car's driver, only 22 remained), 23 if he included himself. Still, considering he had a man able to cover every one of his thirty hostages, he was in an unrivalled position that barricaded groups had not been able to get in Midgar. The bodies of team one had been removed, along with the police officers, and place out of the way. Police outside would doubtlessly be removing the dead officers, and the soldier from team three, hit by police as he ran to the door. Oh, and there was the APC gunner still in his vehicle.

The barricaded traitors had at their disposal the Shinra AAR-10 Assault rifle, and its carbine version, in the hands of most solders. As well as that, they had MDA G(A)-3 grenade launchers attached to four of those rifles, four MkIII Military shotguns, and of course, the four GPMG-2 general purpose machine guns.

All in all, enough to give any attacker a bloody nose. So long as they could somehow get away with the drugs, and the documents, and sell them to the highest bidders, this might not have been a waste.

10:25 AM
Armoured jeeps pulled into the hospital car park, carrying Crimson Troop, and their gear.
Filby approached a police commander, and three Turks. Filby did not have a high opinion of the corporations internal affairs unit, but nonetheless, in a situation like this, they had to show up.

"Colonel. Good to see you," said the police commander, Superintendent Kenber Valgaer.

"Kenber. And who is in charge for you Turks?" One man turned to the colonel.

"No one," he grunted.

"That's no one, SIR," Kenber snapped at the man.

"Sir? Superintendent, do you know what this blue suit means?" the Turk said, his face turning red with anger.

"Yes, but he's a Colonel, you insolent little shit! You're barely an honorary captain!"

"But I'm a Turk. It's not permitted for mere police officers to call us 'insolent little shits' is it?"

Silias had walked over.

"And, Reno, it's not permitted to drink on duty, but I think you have certainly been doing that..." said Silias.

"Ah, hello Henry... well, er... apologies about this little uh... mishap, sirs, let's get on with this, shall we?" The federal officer - for the Turks were officially a part of every one of the old nations federal police forces, be it the Midgarian National Investigative Police, or the Wutaian State Militia- wasn't too bothered about the risk of less sweeties here, but more worried about getting another kicking from Silias.

The three agencies collaborated.

"Alright, at around nine fifty-five, the two Lockair V5 APC's you see in the car parks arrived, along with the SX-2. Soldiers disembarked, and witnesses say that six went into the pharmacy, and around eight into the research annexe over there," The police Superintendent pointed.

" Apparently, the facility police detail attacked the pharmacy team, and nearby units were here quickly. A gun battle ensued, and during that, we think three doctors were shot by the second group, the other groups outside, shooting pretty much everything. We think a group of officers managed to take them out. The other soldiers went in to recover whatever they went after, and well, barricaded in with about thirty hostages."

"Have we made contact with them?" Silias asked. Reno replied.

"We've been phoning the reception desk for a while, but they don't pick up.

Jamie glanced at the shattered entranceway with a pair of binoculars.

"Maybe it's because the reception desk's been blown up, sir," said the young SOLDIER trooper.

One of Reno's associates, a Turk rookie called Nemel, also looked.

"He's right, sir. Entire desk is either pulpwood, or the phones are smashed."

"Damn it. Rude, try one of the offices instead," Said Reno as vans pulled up, and the MNIP Hostage Retrieval Team hopped out.

"That's four agencies here, two of which are essentially internal affairs for the corporation," said Silias, as the federal police took their Shin-Ra SMG-5 Police/Military submachine guns out of their carry cases.

"Something you haven't managed to tell anyone yet?" Zacharias stated.

"Alright, we know that the captain behind this, Hossceler, was recently in contact with two fugitives. Both are suspected to be involved in recent terrorist activities. We think he's joined one of the terrorist groups."

"So, we have a terrorist captain, with around twenty troops, heavily armed and probably well aware of what tactics we might use," Silias said.
"Exactly," said Kenber.

"So, what will be the plan?" Filby said.

"Well..." Silias said, but stopped. The Turks had walked over to the commander of the MNIP HRT, who were now fanning out around the building.
"...I think, just now, we should take cover."

"What the hell are they doing?" Zacharias asked, as a helicopter swung into view above the building, dropping ropes. The federal agents aimed Grenade launchers, read to fire gas and flash grenades into the entrance.

"Isn't it obvious, Peter? They're having a go first," Silias said, as the SWAT team moved into positions.

Silias and Filby marched towards their commander, hiding behind one of the vans.

"What the hell is going on here?" He demanded.

"It's simple, sergeant, we're taking quick and decisive action, before these rebels inspire a few more similar situations. This is a hospital."

"Exactly. And we need it as intact as possible and that means we NEGOTIATE," Filby said.

"Watch and learn, Sergeant. The Hostage Retrival team has all the benefits of the Airborne, and less of the mako infusion."

"It's also about to KILL half the hostages if we don't negotiate!" Silias said.

"Tch, fine, we'll negotiate if it means so much to you, Sergeant. All right, lads, pull back, the idiots with glowing eyes want to let them get settled in first," said the commander.

The MNIP officers pulled back.

Hossceler finally picked up the phone that rang beside him.

"Captain Ross Hossceler, Midgarian Army."

"Are you the leader of the rebels?" said the voice on the other end.

"By rank, yes."

"I am Rude, of the Turks."

"You told me you aren't very polite at least, that's more than I usually get from you chaps, so I think you might not be entirely accurate there."

"No, that's my name, captain."

"Oh, I see. Anyway, I suppose you're the negotiator?"

"Yes, I am. What are your demands?" said Rude.

"I suppose ten billion gil, a helicopter, safe passage to Nibelheim, and my selection of cute girls from the slums is out of the question?"

"Most certainly. You don't get cute girls in the slums," Rude said, keeping calm despite the blatant fact that a 22/34 in the handbook was occurring: cocky shit on other end is taking the piss.

"Oh well, I suppose I'll settle for safe passage to Nibel, for me and my men. But for now, remove the snipers," Hossceler said.

"We'll remove the snipers, but why Nibelheim, may I ask?"

"Always liked the little village at the bottom of Mount Nibel... Old Nibelheim. Not the big city*, the little village that got its name nicked by its big neighbour fifty miles southeast. Heard from a chap it had been burnt down..."

"It hasn't," Rude said.

"Fair enough. Guess that's about all we have to say, but if there's anything else, don't hesitate to call."

The captain hung up.

Rude turned to the command team.

"He knows his stuff. He pulled a 22/34 on me and now he wants to go to Nibelhiem. He's also asked for the snipers to be removed: I allowed that because it's unlikely they'll ever get a place with a decent line of sight that doesn't put them into our field of fire."

"The city, little town, or the former nation as a whole?"

"He says the little town, but half that shithole is so lawless he and his troops could hide out anywhere."

"Very well, and the rest, Rude?" Filby said.

"What do you mean?" Rude exclaimed.

"The little story about Old Nibelhiem. About a trio of SOLDIERs, promising young ones I was trying to get into the AS, and of course, Sephiroth. He always like the AS, did Sephiroth. Anyway, something went wrong... apparently a few townspeople were killed, town burnt down, the three SOLDIER's all dead or missing. Hear two of them became mercenaries in the slums. Had Aquamarine troop do a little digging, but all we got was one scared girl telling us she used to date one. Oh, and a person in sector seven fairly interested in one of them too," Zacharias said.

"Oh, right, that... forgot you lot were cleared in on it because of the uh... substantial threat of..." Reno stuttered.

"Pissed off survivors joining terrorist groups.**" Interjected the MNIP commander

"Yes, that."

Suddenly, the phone by Rude rang. Nemel picked it up.

"Hello, this is Hossceler."

"Yes, Nemel of the Turks speaking."

"Oh, good, it's not that Rude fellow. I liked him."

"What's that meant to mean?"

"I mean, we can see you quite clearly from where we are..."

In the pharmacy building, looking out of a window, Hossceler sat with a dead policeman's submachine gun, and a cellular phone.

"... And might I say you did so very well keeping your commanders in such plain line of sight. "

The captain pulled the trigger, and walked a burst of fire at Nemel. The rookie agent fell, bullets tearing through the body armour he had put on. Even if the armour had worked, the bullet between the eyes would certainly have still went in.
Hossceler ducked back, as volleys of fire smashed into the room.

Silias ran forward, grabbed the Turk, and dragged his body into cover.

"He's dead, I'm afraid," the SOLDIER sergeant said to the other two Turks.

"Damn it!"

"I also grabbed the phone. Let's see if our chum in there is still on the line, shall we?" Silias said.

"Captain Hossceler, are you there?" Henry said into the phone.

"Why yes, who is this?" Hossceler said.

"Sergeant Henry Silias, SOLDIER. Airborne Service."

"Oh dear. I was hoping you chaps were busy too..."

"We are now thanks to you," Silias replied.

"Is a mere sergeant severing the negotiations?" All the while during this conversation, the two Turks had been calling their superiors.

"No, a mere sergeant is not severing the negotiations."

Rude motioned for Silias to ensure the man on the other end did not hear.

"The President himself just ordered our leader to tell you to go in, Silias. Get a plan together."

"I heard that!" Hossceler said.

"Heard what?"

"You said that I was bent like a shelf pre-ordered weeder to bell and go in, silly arse. Whatever that means..."

"Apologies, captain, do you want a trained negotiator instead?" Silias said, handing the phone to Rude.

Silias and Zacharias walked back over to Crimson Troop's jeeps.

"We're going in, lads."

* Which Cloud and co. drive straight past. Look left when you're there (blink and you'll miss it)
** Too late!
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