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Final Fantasy IV Characters

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Introduction by  Rangers51
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Final Fantasy IV, being the first game of the series on a "next-gen" console (of course, that generation being now twenty years old, but still), added a significant amount of character interaction and depth that was unknown to American gamers previously. There's a lot going on there, some of which is presented only in new translations or new versions of the game, but we'll do our best to give you a solid synopsis right here.

There is a certain depth of information about the Final Fantasy IV characters which cannot be conveyed without spoiling the plot. Hence, you can turn spoiler information on or off for this section. We suggest that you only turn it on if you've finished the game, and are interested in our character and plot analysis, and how it compares to your own understanding of the game. Or, of course, if you just don't care about getting it spoiled, but don't say we didn't warn you. In any event, you can still view a brief character synopsis and their key data without using the spoiler mode.

Cecil Harvey

Vital Statistics

Dark Knight
Dark Sword, Shields, Armor, Helmets, Gauntlets
Cecil: Image


Written by  Karasuman
Cecil is a Dark Knight in the service of the kingdom Baron, having been given command of the Red Wings of Baron in furtherance of the King's will. Cecil idolizes the King, who provided for him as a child. Unfortunately, Cecil's status as Dark Knight has earned him the fear of the general populace, and he has few friends. He is, however, close to Baron's chief engineer, Cid, who designed and built the Red Wings, and a Dragoon named Kain is a friend and comrade in arms. Cecil also has a rocky relationship with a White Mage named Rosa, but Cecil, perhaps fearing that his inner darkness would taint any love they shared, is distant and reluctant to warm to her advances.

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