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Final Fantasy IV FAQ

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Though we've tried our best to cover everything you need to know in the guides and data sections, there are a few things which didn't fit neatly into them, or aren't particularly easy to search for in their sections. Such information ends up here, in the FAQ. Don't forget, this section depends pretty heavily on spoilers, so if you want the whole picture, make sure you have them visible!

Have we missed something important? Let us know by adding your FAQ suggestion (preferably along with an answer) to the pinned FAQ topic in the Final Fantasy IV forum.


General Questions

How many versions of this game are there, anyway?

As far as milestone official releases, I would call it seven. The first release was in Japan, for the Super Famicom - most Americans have historically called it Final Fantasy IV hardtype. Then came the US release, with lots of censorship and well, interesting translation. It was called Final Fantasy II, and was released for the Super NES. The Japanese then got another version that few people know about. It's the true FF4 easytype. The fourth version would be the recoded and retranslated version released in Japan for PSX and for the US as a part of Final Fantasy Chronicles. After FF4 was released for PSX in Japan, it was also released for the WSC in Japan - it was essentially the same as the original Super Famicom version but with some glitches removed. For Christmas of 2005, another new version, with additional dungeons, equipment, and character switching, was released for the Game Boy Advance. This version became the third different American release, and the newest covered by CoN. Finally, in 2008, a 3D-rendered version with yet another new translation and some new content came for the NDS. The differences between each version can fill a FAQ themselves.

Question submitted by  Rangers51; answer from  Dark Paladin
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I've heard there is some porn in the game. Where can I find it?

First, that's a little sad. Beyond that, you can't find it if you're playing the original Super NES version of Final Fantasy II, because the room isn't available there. Also, not to spoil the fun, but you don't see anything if you do find the book, but you can find it in the Dwarven Castle, in the It goes by various names, and causes Cecil to nearly have a coronary.

Question submitted by  Neal
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What is the Programmer's Room, anyway?

Available in all versions besides the American SNES game, the Programmer's Room is a little easter egg planted by the developers of the game. It's got some items, not least of which is the Smut, and discussions and battles with some of the game's creators. To get to it, find the pub in the Dwarven Castle, and search the lower east wall until you find the secret passage.

Question submitted by  Neal
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Gameplay Questions

Where can I find the SwordCrystal?

The sword is accessible in the sixth basement of the Lunar Subterrane. It's well hidden by secret passages. For more information, check our walkthrough of the Moon.

Question submitted by  Neal
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What's an effective way to defeat Bahamut?

The best time to defeat Bahamut is before you leave the Moon for the first time and head to the Giant of Babil. This way, FuSoYa is still in your party and you have two people who can cast Wall. For more information, have a look at Bahamut's chapter in the walkthrough.

Question submitted by  Neal
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What weapons can Edge throw?

In general, Edge can throw all shuriken, and most swords, katana, and knives. Check all our weapons pages for the "Thrown" attribute for more info.

Question submitted by  The Celestial; answer from  Rangers51
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Where is a good place to level up in the Underworld while you're stuck down there?

Is there really a bad place? All three caves on the western side of the Underworld are challenging and have lots of enemies. If you don't have OFloat yet, the Sealed Cave is your best bet, no damage tiles on the floors of that one.

Question submitted by  Rangers51
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What's the deal with the PinkPuff?

The PinkPuff is an extremely rare enemy on the Moon, and drops an even more rare item that can lead to the best armor in the game. To find out more, check out the info about this sidequest in the walkthrough.

Question submitted by  Kame; answer from  Sabin
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