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Final Fantasy IV Downloads

Downloads are often the most exciting part of a website, don't you think? Perhaps not in this case, but we do have a reasonable selection of Final Fantasy IV related goodies you might like.


Sorry, we're too clean-livin' to help you find illegal ROM downloads. You should be able to find a version somewhere, though. If you can get it, we'd recommend the unofficial translation of the original Japanese Final Fantasy IV ROM, from J2E Translations.


Check FF6 Emulation Downloads for SNES emulator info.


SPC Music

Music files extracted directly from the SNES ROM by Chess_Piece_Face and Niko. Great quality, low filesize.


If you don't have a way to extract a RAR archive, pick up a decompressor from the RAR homepage. You'll also need something to play these back. Zophar's Domain hosts a good selection of SPC players and WinAmp plugins.

Saved Games

Thanks to AetherKnight, we finally have a DexDrive save for Final Fantasy IV. This file is at the final save point with all characters at level 99. Each savegame in the file has a subtly different arrangement. Download this DexDrive save and be sure to submit new saves if you have them!

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