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Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough

Written by  Sabin
Edited by  Rangers51, Karasuman & Mimic
CoN Webmaster / Contributor / Contributor

It's new. It's hot. It covers three versions of the game. It's the all-new Final Fantasy IV walkthrough by CoN. It requires reading. And sometimes clicking. It's a webpage. And that's about it.

1. Prelude to a Dark Knight

Enemies: FloatEye, Zuu
Treasures: BombRing, OTent, OEther1, 480 Gil

To get to the every-last-detail version, turn spoilers off. To avoid spoiling most things, turn spoilers on. It's not rocket science, folks.

First things first, pop the Final Fantasy IV disc of your Final Fantasy Chronicles game into your nearest Playstation and press the power button. Or for those of you on an emulator, "File Load Final Fantasy IV". If you're on an SNES, it's a bit like Playstation but with fewer discs. If you're on the GBA, see SNES but with a smaller cart. I think it's safe to assume that this part is met, but you want a step-by-step walkthrough, you got it.

First, enjoy a cutscene where you get to push the confirm button quite a bit. (And, as a reminder, if you're seeing this, you're hiding spoilers. Show them to see more. We won't warn you again.)

Cecil and Kain go through some lines of dialogue. After he walks away, you get your first chance to control the game. Kain suggests you get some rest, but come on, you'd rather look around first, wouldn't you? But don't think you can try to talk the king out of your expulsion, for there is a guard barring you from the throne room. Oh well. Head down and enter "1F". You'll notice three treasure chests in a walled in room. And let's face it, you always take things that aren't necessarily yours. But the guard right next to the door says it's okay, so why not go for it? There's a little white knob next to the door. Press X and the door opens. Chest #1 gives you 480 Gil, the second one an OEther1, and the third one, a OTent.

After you pilfer the treasure chests, go to the left and up the stairs. You'll eventually get to an empty hallway. As you try to get to the other end, Rosa makes her introduction, calling out to Cecil. She shows worry and relief over her man. He gives her the cold shoulder, then you're free to move again.

You leave the hallway and want to get some bloody rest like Kain suggested. But just as you get to the door to your tower, you're interrupted by the airship king himself, Cid (Cecil has a lot of friggin' friends). It'll become apparent that Cid likes to talk. But once he leaves, maybe now you can get some rest. Bid the maid, who just changed your sheets, adieu and get to your bed.

Night falls just as you climb into bed (how convenient). But it's apparent that Cecil isn't resting very easy. His actions against the Mysidians are still weighing heavy on his mind. Rosa decides to stop by, but Cecil is still giving Rosa the cold shoulder until he finally caves and reveals what's on his mind.

The morning comes. Kain and Cecil depart for Mist. There's then a long pause while some inspirational words float by while some heroic music plays. Yadda yadda. Now you begin your journey.

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