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Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough

Written by  Sabin

30. Legendary Sword

Enemies: None
Treasures: SwordExcalibur

Ever notice how you couldn't sell or trash the SwordLegend after it became obsolete? Well that's because she can be forged into one of the most highly touted weapons in the game. You're going to want to do this. First, you'll need a checklist. Did you get the ORat Tail from the Cave of Summons? Check—assuming you're following our walkthrough. Have you located Kokkol's? It's in the southeastern most corner of the Underworld. Check. Have you located the town of Mythril Village in the overworld? It's a village on a small island due north of Mt. Ordeals. Check. Do you remember where you parked the Enterprise and hovercraft? It should be over by Eblan still. Check. Alrighty then, let's get Cecil a sword that legends are made of (no pun intended).

First, head for Kokkol's to find the smithy bedridden and refusing to ever smith again. He craves the element, Adamant, but is unable to acquire some. Next, take the Falcon and head to the overworld. Park the Falcon at Eblan and trade ships. Hop in the Enterprise and snag the hovercraft with the winch. After that, head toward Mythril Village. If you haven't stopped here yet, check out the village. There aren't many useful items, and you've outgrown the weapons and armor. Still, a village of pigs, frogs, and teeny-tinies is quite amusing. When you're done meandering, head out and get in the hovercraft. Coast along the shallows to reach the cave on the solitary island. The little guy who "found a strange ore" yells at you to bring him animal tails. The item box will open, prompting you to give him the ORat Tail. He'll love it and give you some Adamant. Jet back to your airship and book it back to the Underworld. Find Kokkol's and show the old bean that you got him some Adamant. He'll quickly get to work, fusing the fancy ore to the legendary paladin sword. When he's finished, Cecil will be given one wicked sword, SwordExcalibur.

Of course, you have to wait until you come back down to Earth to get it. Now, do I mean literally, or figuratively? You'll have to read on to know.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IV
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