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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel
Contributor / Former Staff Writer / Contributor / Fanart Editor & Data Manager

Here it is: the new-and-improved Final Fantasy V walkthrough. Written by Djibriel, one of the foremost FFV authorities, the information included in the chapters below is both enlightening and nutritious. It's a good thing too, as Final Fantasy V is not without its share of challenging boss battles and confusing area maps. Whether you're here on your first playthrough or your fifth, you're sure to learn something new. Unless you wrote or edited the walkthrough.

1.1: The Demolition of the Wind Crystal

Enemies: Goblin

Treasures: Phoenix Down

The intro is fairly long and pleasant to watch. God, don't you just hate it when walkthrough writers go into detail about the intro? Then this happens, then that happens, some dude gets his hand cut off, then there's an explosion and the bad guy transforms...if you don't bother to watch the bloody intro, how dedicated can the player be to a walkthrough, one might ponder?

Regardless, meet Bartz Klauser, young adventurer from the quiet town of Lix. Romantically wasting his life away in what has to be the smallest forest of the world, he is forcefully pulled into our collective attention when a meteorite falls from the sky and crashes into the ground nearby. He quickly discusses the situation with his best friend, the chocobo cleverly named Boko. Quickly putting out the campfire (remember, only you etc.), Bartz races to the scene.

Welcome to controlling Boko on the Overworld. You could go north, but there's nothing interesting there. Let's focus on the meteorite now. When you reach the meteorite to the east, you'll dive right into the Tycoon Meteor. When you approach the Big Rock of Falling Fire, Bartz will hop off Boko to ensure his safety and carry on by foot. The first thing noticeable about the meteorite is the fact an unconscious girl is being taken away by two goblins. Obviously that has nothing to do with the meteorite itself, but, but... goblins!

This is your first battle, and your options are limited. There's a SwordBroadsword in Bartz's right hand, and it was designed to kill things. The Goblins are a nuisance and you want them to die. Contrary to what you'd have them do, the Goblins will punch you in the face when you let them; luckily, they are no trouble whatsoever. Use !Attack to win! I guess I could note that the left Goblin is in the Back Row, but since even with the damage reduction he'll go down in one hit, it's not really important.

Like the chivalrous young hero protagonist that he is, Bartz rescues the girl and calms her down. There's a chance to give Bartz a name now. I'll just call him Bartz, but if you're the sort of person who takes an interest in the age-old Butz/Bartz enigma, be my guest.

There's confusion all around. Unknown to Bartz, the girl he has just saved is Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, princess of Tycoon and (gasp) daughter to Alexander Highwind Tycoon who is (gasp again) King Tycoon. The good man went to check out the mythical Wind Crystal since it doesn't appear to do a whole lot lately, he's nowhere to be seen, and now there are meteorites. Before the story gets too interesting, however, there's also moaning. Even if you decide to leave with Lenna and tour the Overworld Map some more, there's no reason to do so. It doesn't take a certificate from detective school to find somebody lying next to the meteorite.

It's an old man. The old man wakes up when you talk to him, but acts rather confused. The cause seems to be amnesia. I'm sure we won't have to listen to this guy's slowly unraveling and undoubtedly tragic past throughout the rest of the game! The old man's name is Galuf. Now that everybody has regained his wits, both the young girl and the old man tell Bartz they need to go to the Wind Shrine, home of the Wind Crystal. Neither of them seems to have any business there, but Bartz has only just met them so has no reason to stop them. He lets 'em go, and the young girl and old man depart for a lifetime of adventure. They save the world. The End. Would you like a chocolate-covered pretzel?

There's a little side-objective for Bartz too, by the way: see that gigantic dark all-concealing tree in the lower-right corner? There's a hidden passageway towards a Phoenix Down. Make sure to grab it; these babies sell for 500 Gil and have the power to revive fallen party members.

Reunited with Boko, you quickly find yourself on the Overworld Map again. You can't return to your quiet little corner you started this game on, so you have no choice but to go north, even though you know there's nothing interesting there. This may very well be the most boring Final Fantasy out, wait, it's an earthquake.

In what I'm sure could have been a rather impressive action sequence had this not been an early Super Famicom/PSX/GBA game, an earthquake commences. Shrill shrieks are heard in the distance and you're going to have to fight off two teams of two Goblins with Bartz while Boko leaps over tremors like it's nobody's business. In the end, Bartz finds himself reunited with Lenna and Galuf, who joins the party.

With the road to Tule, a town most probably required to pass through to reach the Wind Shrine, now blocked, the road to the Wind Crystal is also blocked. Drat it all. Let's go north and see what kind of crazy plan we can cook up. It would seem the only plan is cave-related. Boko's wise enough to quit right there.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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