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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

4.4: Beyond the Sealed Temple: The Void

The story of Bartz, Lenna, Krile and Faris mirrors the story of the Dawn Warriors 30 years ago, but it also mirrors the story of mysterious group of warriors 1000 years ago. These warriors took up the Twelve Legendary Weapons (which takes at least fourteen hands) at faced a terrible mage called Enuo. Enuo was immortal, but traded away his immortality for even greater power; power over the Void. It is said that Enuo was slain by the Twelve Legendary Weapons, leaving the Void behind. But it seems that Enuo's evil is not easily destroyed (and quite frankly, no one is really all that surprised).

Bestiary #323
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As the true final boss, with two forms, there's way too much strategy to go over here. Check the relevant walkthrough chapter, and good luck!

This fight is actually two fights in a row. There's the first fight with Enuo, which is difficult. Then the Power of the Void increases, after which a refreshed Enuo will attack you again with inherent Protect and Shell as well as a few very dangerous attacks.

Enuo starts with two tentacles that aid him in his endeavors. These tentacles are invulnerable and not normally targetable, but random-target attacks such as !Rapid Fire and the OMeteor spell may still hit them. The tentacles cannot be removed from the fight and cast spells / perform other attacks as well as Enuo does. The tentacles are responsible for the buff spells that may appear during the fight, as well as the rare Grand Cross and Giga Flare attacks.

I highly advise four Freelancers for this fight. Since so many status-ailments will be thrown around the battlefield, HelmetRibbons are a must, and Mimes cannot equip them. After the Power of the Void increases, Enuo will start to use Danse Macabre fairly often, and you really don't want that to have any effect. AccessoryAngel Rings are a must-have accessory for this season's fashion anyway!

The majority of Enuo's attacks are reflectable, so it's tempting to summon Carbuncle ASAP. Make sure you get OMighty Guard before you do this though; certain spells (OAqua Breath, OMeteor, the Dark Arts) will still hit a target with Reflect set, and you'll want the Shell status set on the entire party first to protect yourself against those attacks. OMighty Guard is vulnerable to Reflect, so you can't cast it after Carbuncle has arrived. Not having Reflect is also an option if you want to keep the option for OCuraga open. Single-target spells may kill a character though, even with Shell applied. Dude, it's Enuo. He murders Light Warriors for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After Enuo has taken about five turns, one of the tentacles will always use Grand Cross, which may even harm those with a HelmetRibbon equipped should it decide to set Confuse, a Countdown, or HP to a single-digit level. When Enuo makes like a chameleon and starts taking on the colour of the ever-changing psychadelic anime background, you know it's coming. After about ten turns of Enuo action, the same tentacle will unleash a Giga Flare attack, but it'll deal around 2000 damage to non-Shelled targets so it's no biggie (relatively). Again, Giga Flare is heralded by Enuo's colour-swapping madness.

Since Enuo has two fake targets, !Rapid Fire and OMeteor will only hit 33% of the time. The OHoly spell, boosted by either the StaffSage's Staff or a BellRune Chime, is a very powerful and consistent means of damage output. Boosted level 5 Black spells are also quite powerful. Flare Spellblade effects can make weapons like the SwordRagnarok and SwordApocalypse very powerful, and when they do land they inflict a massive beating.

In conclusion, for the first fight I advise at least one !Blue caster for OMighty Guard and emergency OWhite Wind spells, at least two !White casters for OCuraga, OArise and mostly OHoly spells (!Dualcast is really nice), and all characters equipped with HelmetRibbons and AccessoryAngel Rings. !Time is a nice asset for OHastega and OQuick. You may even wish to employ somebody with !Mix to use Goliath Tonics on the party in preparation of increased Void Power. !Combine can be good for Slow Cannon if you find Enuo's quantity of attacks unbearable.

The Power of the Void is increasing!

There is now more of nothing. Or possibly the nothing is more powerful. Enuo, meanwhile, is truly powerful. Socrates said: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." and Mark Twain said: "Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand." The Buddha said: "To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance." So our foe is a truly wise altruist who has moved past frivolities. Don't think this is all talk about some philosophical abstract either. As Voltaire said, a witty remark proves nothing.

Enuo has restored its HP back to 60000 HP, and with inherent Protect and Shell set, removing it will be quite a chore. On the upside, Enuo has done away with the two tentacles, which means !Rapid Fire greatly increased in accuracy. On the downside, it'll only deal half damage compared to the first round.

When Enuo has regenerated himself, he'll start off with a brutal double-turn which may feature !Dimension Zero, OMeteor or Almagest (equal chance) followed by either !Dimension Zero, White Hole or Maelstrom. If Golem was up, he could have taken a single !Dimension Zero. When all that is past and you're still standing, Enuo will finally ease up. Well, sort of. He'll cast according to the following loop:
  1. !Dimension Zero, OMeteor or Almagest
  2. !Dimension Zero, White Hole or Maelstrom
  3. OFlare, OHoly or Delta Attack
  4. Almagest (66%) or Grand Cross (33%)
  5. Drain Touch, Deep Freeze or Meltdown
  6. OLevel 3 Flare, OLevel 4 Graviga or OLevel 5 Death
  7. !Dimension Zero

Enuo even has interesting counter-attacks! Whenever he suffers damage, he'll counter with either White Hole (33%), Danse Macabre (33%) or nothing. Every even time he is damaged, he counters with Reaper's Sword (33%), Hurricane (33%) or nothing. Reaper's Sword kills any character without a HelmetRibbon. White Hole kills and petrifies any character without a HelmetRibbon. Danse Macabre sets Zombie to any character without an AccessoryAngel Ring. See why you want those items?

Enuo is difficult to damage at this point, as all damage is halved. You cannot remove Protect or Shell, and Enuo is now immune even to Slow. It's a true slugfest, this fight. There are a few attacks in your arsenal that will prove much more powerful than the others. !Rapid Fire with Flare Spellblade effects applied stands above the rest of the competition. Another possibility is !Finisher's elemental attack, as the 9999 damage will not be affected by any kind of damage inhibitor, but the odds of getting that are 50% at best. Should you have a !Mix user with doubled HP from a Goliath's Tonic, any mix that deals (current HP) damage will be quite powerful compared to other powerful attacks. Some examples include Holy Breath (Holy Water + Dragon Fang) and Dragon Breath (two Dragon Fangs). Finally, Needle Cannon will deal a reliable 3000 damage. This is not a lot, but it's still probably more than normal magical attacks and since Slow Cannon is a such a help in the first fight, it's not unreasonable to assume that you have !Combine around.

If you failed to bring the AccessoryAngel Rings, you'll have a fun time removing Zombie from characters only to find yourself stuck with low-HP characters while Enuo rains destruction upon your sorry excuse for an offensive force. If you failed to equip HelmetRibbons on certain characters, please enjoy watching them go down in a heap almost continuously. If you did both, you'll find Enuo still puts up a decent fight; Almagest is powerful, !Dimension Zero is powerful, a stray Level X Blue spell may ruin you completely. Only a combination of OMighty Guard, for everybody and prime numbers on your level will truly keep you safe.

When Enuo falls, he falls hard. There's an earthquake in space, then there are explosions in space. Worst. Final. Battle. Ever. Note that while this battle is very reminiscent of the battle versus Exdeath, Enuo does not respawn after you kill him once.

That'll do it, unless you've yet to go after Omega Mk. II or Neo Shinryu. If that's the case, you'll want to see our guides for them.

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