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Final Fantasy V Items - !Combine Chart

The Cannoneer's !Combine ability is a useful method to set statuses and deal damage by combining (get it?) a type of ammo with a type of something that is not ammo. !Combine products are both multi-target and unblockable, making them particularly reliable. Like the !Mix ability, !Combine does not check for the user's Strength or Magic Power, meaning it can be used with equal effectiveness by all characters regardless of stats. We've fixed up this neat little chart so that you can make the most of your combining; just match up any two items and click on the link to see what will happen.

Dark Matter
Dragon Fang
Flame Scroll
Fuma Shuriken
Gold Needle
Goliath Tonic
Hero Cocktail
Iron Draft
Lightning Scroll
Power Drink
Speed Shake
Turtle Shell
Water Scroll
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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