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Final Fantasy V Pianos and Songs

The signature ability of the Bard in Final Fantasy V is !Sing. The special kind of magic cast by songs can be quite powerful, but it's not learned in the same manner of any other magic in the game, so many players won't pay enough attention to collect them all. Hence, here's a small guide intended to make them easier to collect. Why would you want to? For completionists' sake, because you for some reason love Bards, or maybe because the status effects caused by some songs are sometimes less avoidable than if inflicted by other means. Just shut up and collect them, eh?

Guide by  Djibriel & Rangers51
Contributor / CoN Webmaster

The Songs

Bards have access to eight total songs if they're all located in books or from other bard NPCs. Two, though, are available only if you've played enough pianos, and then only from a certain bard (in Crescent). The songs are:

The songs' locations are available in the links above, but two, Hero's Rime and Sinewy Etude, require the aforementioned piano play and bard talking. So, see below to locate what you need to pick them up.

The Pianos

There are eight pianos, too. Two to the third strikes again from an era where game programmers had no desire to leave any bytes unused. They're listed here in the order you can organically find them, but none of these will ever become permanently unavailable, so there's no need to grab them as soon as they're in front of you (of course, there's also no reason not to).

In the town Pub. The piano is available only after the dancers are off stage, which requires that you sit to the left of the stage to see the show.
In the town Pub.
In the town Pub.
In the town Pub, up on stage.
In the house of the bard who can teach songs, on the eastern side of town.
In the town Pub, at the end of a hidden passage. The hidden passage begins at the bottom-left corner of the screen below where the bar ends.
In the town Pub.
Phantom Village
In the town Pub. Enter through a secret door at the back of the Pub building, then exit through the downward steps and into the grass below. In the building to the lower left, descend to B1 and look for a hidden passage in the lower-left of the screen.

Again, seven pianos will get you Sinewy Etude when you go back to the bard in Crescent, and eight will get you Hero's Rime. If you wait until you get all eight, you will get both songs at once, so that's the most efficient way to go.

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