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Final Fantasy V FAQ

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Though we've tried our best to cover everything you need to know in the guides and data sections, there are a few things which didn't fit neatly into them, or aren't particularly easy to search for in their sections. Such information ends up here, in the FAQ. Don't forget, this section depends pretty heavily on spoilers, so if you want the whole picture, make sure you have them visible!

Have we missed something important? Let us know by adding your FAQ suggestion (preferably along with an answer) to the pinned FAQ topic in the Final Fantasy V forum.


Gameplay Questions

How do I get the two Bard songs that can't be found?

Play all eight pianos in the game, and go talk to the bard in Crescent Village. The CoN guide will help you figure out which ones you might have missed.

Question submitted by  Rangers51
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Gilgamesh left behind a sword. He claims it's Excalibur. What's the deal?

It's not Excalibur! He definitely thought it was, but it is not the Legendary Weapon. It's pretty interesting, though, and we talk about it in the walkthrough in more detail.

Question submitted by  MorgueN; answer from  Rangers51
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The Genji equipment seems very hard to come by in this game. Where is it?

Only Gilgamesh carries it, and in different battles, so there's a lot of work to be done. The third battle has the gloves, the fourth has the helmet, the fifth and then the final encounters have the shield and armor respectively.

Question submitted by  Dark Paladin
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There's one crystal shard left behind from the Water Crystal early in the game, and it's unreachable. Is there a way to get it?

Once the tower sinks into the sea, and you can access it in the combined world, you can go get it from the famed Mimic.

Question submitted by  Daniel
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I see that a lot of enemies have blue magic, but they never cast it on me. How can I make them cast their magic on me instead of themselves?

Some monsters must be !Controlled in order to get access to their spell lists. Some can be Confused instead, but in general !Control is the more reliable method.

Question submitted by  Bas
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Plot Questions

How can I reach North Mountain in the combined world? There's no place to land an airship.

Get a Black Chocobo! You can get one in the combined world and fly it the same way you used to, landing it in forests all over. For more information, check the walkthrough chapter for more details on finding him.

Question submitted by  FireStorm
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