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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

3.7: The Phantom Village

Enemies: Weresnake, Kornago, Cursed Being, Slug, Gloom Widow, Mykale

Treasures: KnifeThief Knife

Features: Piano

In Crescent, you heard about villages appearing in the forest. Time to investigate; it's not like we've got anything going on at the moment except for that saving-the-world thing and the recent departure of all that we hold dear. At our destination, we're going to go on an unholy shopping spree that dwarfs even our worst nightmares we have about taking our girlfriends into town (Editor's Note: we actually like shopping with our significant others. The author's mileage may vary.). If you want more Gil, I'd advise you to sail around in the lake near Crescent, where Rukh enemies give you 5000 Gil in addition to a rare KatanaMurasame for you to Steal and Sea Devils give 3000 Gil a kill as well as a rare SwordDefender. Rukhs succumb to OSleep/OTime Slip, Sea Devils can be quickly dispatched by Odin or OThundaga spells.

From Crescent, follow the streak of land to the southwest. The third patch of forest is the one we want, so go there and walk around for a bit. About half of the battles you encounter won't be a battle at all; it'll take you straight into the Phantom Village, a town that was sealed - accidentally - within the Interdimensional Rift together with the Void and all the vile demons a thousand years ago. This city is littered with hidden passages that you'll only be able to see with the Find Passages support ability present. I'll take you through all its features. First, find the Armor Shop.

Armor Shop 1: All straightforward stuff, really. This town features the last shops where you'll get better equipment, so make it count. You should have some Heavy Armor that's equal to what's sold here. ArmorBlack Robes are better than ArmorWhite Robes. The HelmetCirclet is pretty much the first helmet for Mages which can best the HelmetLamia's Tiara; it gives an equal Magic Power boost and has quite a lot more Defense than the Tiara.

The crate on the shop can be examined to open a path to the second Armor Shop.

Armor Shop 2: If you stole everything you could've stolen so far, you have all the AccessoryAngel Ring and AccessoryFlame Rings you could ever use. In addition, you don't have a lot of use for AccessoryCoral Rings in the near future (though you'll want four by end-game). HelmetLamia's Tiara can be found in the Pyramid of Moore, the ArmorAngel Robe is largely inferior to something like the ArmorBlack Robe. The grand item here is the AccessoryHermes Sandals. What do they do? They grant the wearer inherent Haste, and this tidbit makes them the best accessories in the game.

AccessoryProtect Rings are awesome as all-round protective accessories. When the boss fight in question features certain elemental attacks, you will probably want to resort to Flame or AccessoryCoral Rings. For some characters, a AccessoryThief's Gloves, Kornago Gourd or AccessoryKaiser Knuckles is needed for what you want to do. But the AccessoryHermes Sandals, in my humble opinion, are what you should be wearing when you don't have a specific reason to be wearing anything else. They allow you take twice as many turns. You don't defend as well as you could be, but you absorb far fewer hits, can react faster to a surprise attack. Furthermore, when a character with AccessoryHermes Sandals is killed, they'll still have Haste when revived, something OHastega can't do for you.

Of course, for boss battles it's a viable strategy to take them off and equip AccessoryAngel Rings or AccessoryProtect Rings because you know you're going to cast OHastega; if dying is improbable, it's worth considering. Anyway, if you have the Gil, buy four. Now, leave the Armor Shop and find the Weapon Shop.

Weapon Shop 1: New items include the BowRune Bow and the KatanaKiku-Ichimonji. The former is useless. Very, very useless. It's a Bow that sets Silence one third of the time. And deals worthless damage. Also, you can wield it in one hand? The KatanaKiku-Ichimonji is a stronger Katana than the KatanaOsafune. If you picked up the KatanaMasamune earlier, or if you stole a KatanaMurasame from a Rukh on the ocean, this is useless to you. If not, grab one. There's no specific reason you should buy anything else here.

Magic Shop 1: Presto, all the spells you could've found somewhere and could never buy in a shop. This, excepting the elementary summon spells, which you can no longer purchase in Walse (since it's gone). Around the back is where the good stuff's at.

Magic Shop 2: Some sweet moves can be added to your arsenal. They're from the sixth and last level of the Black, White and Time schools of magic, how could they not be awesome? OArise recovers a KO'd character with full HP while ODispel removes all positive magic effects from a target; you already had this spell at your disposal if you had a StaffJudgement Staff, but now it's legit. ODeath simply sets Death on a single target while OOsmose drains MP. OBanish can instantly destroy a non-Heavy target, but its hit rate isn't too hot. Its fluff indicates that targets hit by OBanish are sent to the Interdimensional Rift, so that's something fun. OQuick is crazy; it sets the character casting it in some sort of time hole, giving him or her two turns while the rest of the battlefield takes no action. It's real great but also crazy expensive on MP; 99 MP plus two spells (or four with !Dualcast) absolutely destroys your MP reserve. It is likely Gil is running low by now; the only truly useful spell you won't want to miss is OArise.

Item Shop: The item shop owners here don't believe in Cottages. They've been stuck in the same town frozen in time for a 1000 years, and camping gear outlets have really suffered from it financially. They do, however, sell Elixirs at the downright ridiculous prize of 50000 Gil. You can buy 833 Maiden's Kisses with 50000 Gil. What'd you rather have, a refill on your HP and MP or enough booty for a lifetime at your every convenience?

Find the hidden entrance to the Pub on the back side, which will get you behind the bar. One of the barrels contains a KnifeThief Knife, a Knife that uses !Mug instead of !Attack half of the time. You'll have to corner the bartender to get it. Leave using the stairs.

Here, you'll encounter a challenge; travel around the world with Boko and obtain a fabulous prize. The prize in question is a ArmorMirage Vest, some clothing which is a bit less solid defensively than the ArmorBlack Garb but gives the wearer a single Image at the start of every battle, making him or her evade any single physical attack which comes his or her way. It's very awesome, so I suggest you take the tour; check out our section on special equipment for details!

Continue. A townsman mentions there's a piano here somewhere. You'll walk past a pot containing Life in the form of a Recovery Spring. After this room, you'll find yourself in a tunnel under the Phantom Village. To the right is a door that opens into the Interdimensional Rift which is blown shut every time you open it. To the far right is a stairway which leads you to the second Weapon Shop.

Weapon Shop 2: Ninja stuff. The only thing worth taking from this list is another BoomerangTwin Lance if you were lazy in the face of your forefathers. And Objet d'Arts, lazy in their face too.

Head back into the tunnel, but instead go to the far left. Rather than hitting a wall, there's a hidden passage. You can use your Thieves to see it. Ignore the stairway you encounter for now, just push on until you reach the eighth and final piano. Sitting on your stool, you now play the opening of Arabesque number one from Debussy's Deux Arabesques.

"You have mastered the piano!!! All others quake in fear at your superhuman keyboard manipulation skill!"

Get back to the stairway you passed up earlier. Here, you can catch the Black Chocobo! Grab it, you'll need it later to enter an area you can't access by any other means. Note, you can land the Black Chocobo in the middle of the forest west of the Desert of the Shifting Sands, the forest that once was the Great Forest of Moore. This prevents you from ever mounting the Chocobo again. This can lock up your progress in the worst case and prevent you from ever reaching certain areas in a mildly less bad situation. Bad idea in general, don't do it. If you want to, you can fly the Black Chocobo to the great desert to the northeast. Find the forest and roam around the sands. If you encounter a Landcrawler, know that you can steal a rare SwordDefender from him.

Return to Crescent and visit the Bard there. Play Debussy's most famous arabesque for the good man on his piano, and amaze the everlastin' coocoo out of him. The Hero's Rime will increase your level during battle. Well, not really. It just increases your level for purposes of damage calculation, but your effective level for purposes of OGoblin Punch, Level X Blue spells, etc. will remain the same, unlike levels gained through Hero Cocktails and the like.

Finally, fly the Airship to Boko. If you tour around the world, meet up with the Airship again and fly back to the Phantom Village, you'll get your ArmorMirage Vest. Your tour will lead you to the following places:

Travel north-west until you reach Karnak, then go south to the best of your ability until you see Castle Surgate. Further south lies Quelb; the townsfolk here have little interesting to say. Go south even further 'til you see Bal Castle, then turn to the east for a bit until you can get between the mountains to travel along the thin strip of land that connects the continent with Crescent Island. Pass Crescent and go north until you reach the hole in the earth that once was Tycoon Castle. From here, find Ghido's former cave again; Ta-da! You have now traveled across the world! Go take the airship to collect your spoils in the Phantom Village.

But there is one more thing you must do for me first.

Take Boko to Istory Falls. Go Eastwards now, past Tule, up past the Sealed Castle, past Regole, all the way west until you encounter a collection of connected rivers. Enter these rivers and scout until you find the waterfall. Just behind the waterfall on the Map, in the middle, you enter the place. Take one step forward to find the Magic Lamp. Details on this wondrous item can be found in our page covering the most special of equipment.

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