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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

3.10: The Sunken Tower of Walse and the 'Final' Shard

Enemies: Moldwynd, Elf Toad, Jackanapes (#30), Crew Dust, Bomb, Black Flame, Prototype, Dhorme Chimera, Enchanted Fan, Treant, Birostris, Drippy, Dark Aspic, Lamia Queen, Famed Mimic Gogo

Blue Magic: OLevel 2 Old, OLevel 3 Flare, OLevel 4 Graviga, OLevel 5 Death, OMissile, Flame Thrower, OSelf-Destruct, OTime Slip, Moon Flure, OAero, O????, O1000 Needles, Aqua Rake, OMagic Hammer, ODeath Claw, OWhite Wind, OAero, OGoblin Punch, Dark Shock, OPond's Chorus, OLilliputian Lyric, OFlash, OTransfusion, OAeroga, OVampire

Note: At the end of this submerged tower, you'll quarrel with an opponent over a crystal shard, but you don't actually need to beat him in order to obtain it. In fact, Famed Mimic Gogo is virtually unbeatable... but not entirely. If you want to defeat this thing, you should not dive into this dungeon now but wait until the very end of the game. If this is your kind of madness, you can already sneak a peek at how this will be accomplished.

Enter the Catapult. You'll find Cid trapped in a spinning wheel. Mid appears from nowhere, even though he has no actual means to reach the Catapult. And just because it seems to be theme for today, they decide to mess with your airship for no apparent reason at all. When all is over and you're grown past the fact they actually re-used an old cutscene, you can scoot. Faris suggests we try to find the third tablet which lies under the ocean's floor, but we have other things to do.

Underwater, you will find four dots catching your attention. The one in the middle of nowhere is the location of the Third Tablet, but we're going to let it slide for now. The westernmost sparkle is just the location of the lake near Moore, which you once used as your only entry point. The northwestern dot is the location of the Fourth Tablet, but we're going to ignore that one as well!

Just south of Karnak, you can take the submarine to a hidden cavern where Mr. Clio the Psychic lives. He'll give you useless info, but it's fun. His name is not from Japan (he's nameless in the original game) but a reference to Miss Cleo, some self-proclaimed psychic shaman woman from the States.

Remember the place where I said you could find Stingray? Beneath the vast Gloceana Desert, you can submerge the airship to find the sunken Tower of Walse. It still holds one of the crystal shards from the Water Crystal, and we need all the help we can get against Exdeath and his minions. Let's dive in!

When you leave the Airshupmarine, you'll get a timer of 7:00 minutes. If you run out of breath, you die! This is not something you should need to worry about; it's not very hard. All the monsters here have been rendered black, so there's no telling who or what they are.

The only enemy really worth nothing specifically in this context is Prototype. Unless you have !Control (so you can make it OSelf-Destruct) or any means of setting Petrify (OBreak, Break spellblade, Catoblepas), you are in a for a long, long battle you don't have the time for. Therefore, my advice is to have one of the above. !Rapid Fire cuts through its defenses nicely as well, but doesn't work quite as fast.

There is one new enemy as well: the Level Checker. It checks your level, then disregards that information and drives into walls. Seriously, it does not modify its level-based attacks at all, it's just curious or something. Search can be Reflected! Nobody cares. It may rarely drop an Elixir.

It's interesting to note how every enemy, though seemingly randomly selected, is the stereotypical tutor of a Blue spell. Not all Blue magic can be learned here, but a great deal of spells you could have learned so far are present here if you missed them earlier. The ones that are missing are ODoom, ORoulette, OAeroga, OOff-Guard, OMind Blast and OMighty Guard.

You know where to go! Fight through unseen enemies from the past. If you use the 'Read Ahead' support ability here, which you probably don't have since you would have had to wait a good amount of chapters before you entered this Sunken Tower in order to first have the Job that teaches it, you won't encounter any enemies if you just stick to the shortest path. On the fifth floor, a chest is closed. Goodies? No, but you are able to restore your air supply, setting the timer back to 7:00.

At the first floor, you can find the final shard! A cryptic message appears when you try to take it. "Yes" will do nothing. "No" will get you in trouble.

Famed Mimic Gogo
Famed Mimic Gogo
Bestiary #297
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: HelmetTiger Mask
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Catch, Control, Scan
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities
Just stand there. Seriously. Just do it.

This is a very simple battle to win, since you don't have to do anything! Gogo urges you to mimic his movements, and if you remain passive like him, he'll eventually remove himself from the battlefield.

Famed Mimic Gogo, for all his outlandish attire and speech, is one of the most difficult opponents in the game. If you provoke him with a physical attack (including !Steal), he may either counter with a normal physical, !Critical Attack or Strong Fight, which will kill a character. If you use a spell on him, even if it is beneficial, he will counter with either a OHoly, OFlare or Meteo spell, which are all very powerful.

If you deal 14714 damage to him and survive to see it, he will become strongly agitated. "You uncultured boors! Know you nothing of an artist's soul? Cut! Cut! Stop TRYING to mimic! Start over, recenter, and begin!" Then, he will cast OMeteor thrice in a row and kill you with powerful attacks. You are not equipped to handle this fight at all right now, so this is a Game Over for you.

Just do nothing! You could attempt to Steal that HelmetGold Hairpin if you want, but note that OReturn does not reset the global timer of drowning so you don't have infinite attempts.

If you win, you get the Mime Job! The Mime should really just be seen as an alternate Freelancer. Like the Freelancer, he obtains stats and inherent support abilities of mastered Jobs. There is a difference, though. Freelancers can equip every piece of equipment in the game and have two ability slots. Mimes can equip almost every shield and piece of armor and accessory (even such travesties as the AccessoryThief's Gloves and ArmorAngel Robe) except for the HelmetRibbon set. On weapons, the Mime can equip only Knives, Rods, Staves and the three weapons the Thief and Ninja can use (BoomerangMoonring Blade, BoomerangRising Sun, BoomerangTwin Lance). I find the Mime a better congregation Job for mages, but the Freelancer better for physical attackers.

Whether you've gotten the Mime shard or decide to leave it there for future brawls with Famed Mimic Gogo, you're done here. Let's get out.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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