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Final Fantasy V Job Classes




Vital Statistics

"Skilled mimics who can copy allies' actions perfectly."

Base Stats
Magic Power
Basic Skillset
Skill Name
Equip Type
Mimic an ally's previous action.
Sunken Walse Tower

Job Description

The Mime can possess these inherent qualities: Cover, Barehanded, Counter, Find Passages, Sprint, Vigilance, Learning, Magic Shell, First Strike, Dual-Wield, Light Step, Shiradori, Pharmacology.

The Mime is neither a 'normal' Job nor like the Freelancer.

The Mime shares the Freelancer's ability to take the best of all Jobs; when you mastered the Mime Job, the Mime Job will have its good stats and inherent abilities, just as the Freelancer will. This gives the Mime potentially awesome stats and all the nice inherent abilities you grew to love during the rest of the game. It is somewhat 'gimped' compared to the Freelancer in equipment options, but since it can equip Rods, Staves and Shields, the Mime has all the equipment a spellcaster could ever want. In addition to great equipment options (it really only misses the BellRune Chime), it has THREE ability slots to fill rather than two; !Attack and !Item will be added as options as soon as you get access to the Mime Job, and you get to choose three abilities. Among the options here are !Dualcast and two schools of magic. The Mime is the best spellcasting Job in the game, hands down.

Job Ability Summary

Sucks. !Mimic is nice on occasion; you could have a character perform an expensive !Dualcast (double Bahamut or double OMeteor), then using !Mimic on all until whatever bothered you is dead, but that's a boring, inflexible and cheap tactic that isn't going to make the game fun anytime soon. Beyond 'hit the ultra-kill button again without using MP,' !Mimic isn't too hot.

The !Mimic skill:

  • Mimics (Defend)
  • Mimics !Call by releasing a random Summon Beast, not the same one
  • Mimics !Animals by conjuring a random woodland friend
  • Mimics !Jump attacks when the Jump is made; a landing isn't considered something to Mimic
  • Mimics !Zeninage by using up Gil just like using the command itself
  • Mimics !Item, !Mix, !Throw and !Combine without using any further items
  • Mimics counterattacks due to Counter and Magic Barrier
  • picks the same target when possible, but retargets if the mimicked target is not available anymore
  • targets self when the mimicked attack automatically targets self (such as !Guard, !Spellblade, etc.)

Transfer to Freelancer

There's the thing, right. Nothing, as the Mime itself gains stuff from other Jobs.


Types: Weapons Armor Helmets Unique Accessories


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