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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.2: The Road to Tule

Enemies: Steel Bat, Devil Crab, Stroper

Treasures: HelmetLeather Cap

It's a cave. Like in most caves even in our world, there are bats, land crabs and mutant plant creatures that try to kill you. Here's what you'll want to do for utmost efficiency in killing them:

Lenna will always be the first to act due to her superior Agility. Take the SwordBroadsword from Bartz and give it to Lenna. Give Lenna's KnifeKnife she took from home and give it to Bartz. Galuf stays naked in your party, like old men should never do but always do anyway. He'll have a 8% chance of doing a critical hit with each attack, actually landing a solid blow.

The monsters aren't very interesting yet so I'll just quickly name them and what they do.

Steel Bats are flying bats. They attack physically, with !Claw (1.5x damage) and the OVampire spell. The OVampire spell acts like this: it drains (max HP - current HP) damage. That means that the more damage a Steel Bat has taken, the more damage it'll do with OVampire. However, since you should be taking the SB's down with one hit anyway, you should pay no attention to its existence. Note that OVampire was supposed to deal only half of the (max HP - current HP) damage formula, but due to a bug that slipped in with the GBA port, it heals the caster completely.

Stropers are entirely uninteresting. They merely fight and are silly.

Devil Crabs have 3 Defense, which is enough to make life a little annoying for you. They attack physically and with !Pincer (Attack x 1.5).

Any slash with the SwordBroadsword will dispatch a creature, but note that Devil Crabs are the only ones with notable Defense meaning that they will nullify Galuf's punches (unless they score a critical hit) and survive a single KnifeKnife slash. Strike Devil Crabs first and go for everything else second.

Let this be a moment to say that running from battle is bad. Don't allow it. Why is this? Far, far into this game you may choose between two weapons, of which the sword version loses power every time you run away. Never run and it'll be the strongest Sword you'll ever find. Run a few times and it'll be just mediocre. The alternate option powers up when you run, but you can always start running then if you believe that weapon to be the superior of the two. Obviously, if you're already firmly rooted in the SwordBrave Blade versus KnifeChicken Knife debate and have chosen your school, feel free to run whenever.

You could at this point return outside, but Bartz'll get on Boko automatically, so we're still not allowed to wander the Overworld Map freely. Guess we should continue. Once you enter the cave, Bartz will comment on the existence of a recovery spring to the left of you. Go there to heal up from the damage you received while fighting the Goblins. In the next room, the only path you can follow will take you across a small cutscene, for this cave is not uninhabited; a shady looking fellow checks his surroundings, notices nothing threatening and pushes a button to grant passage for him. Before you gloat over your hiding skills and follow him, be sure to grab the HelmetLeather Cap from the chest to your left. It doesn't really matter whom you stick it on; ladies first?

Push the button like the other guy did to open the oddly snake-like door. Only a few steps further you'll notice a ship sailing merrily merrily down the stream, but how does it accomplish this feat without the wind blowing? Mysteries abound in this action-packed cave! Let's continue.

Great. Now there are pirates.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
Version 6
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