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Final Fantasy VI Rumours

Rumours have been a part of Final Fantasy VI almost since its release, and certainly since people started defeating the game. Have you heard a good rumour? Send it to, and be listed as a contributor! Please keep your rumors short and "real" (that is to say, don't make up something idiotic five minutes before you send it). Variations on rumours are acceptable, too. Thanks!

WARNING! DANGER! NOTHING on this page can be accomplished on an unmodified version of FFIIIus or FFVI. If you attempt anything on this page, you are wasting your time. It's not just that noone else has found this stuff: it is all factually inaccurate and impossible to reproduce. Do not waste the time of anyone on CoN or any other discussion outlet in asking about these ENTIRELY UNTRUE rumours.

The Legend of Richard and Tiamat

Sir RichardBack in college, my friend from Japan, once told me that there was a secret boss in the US version of Final Fantasy VI. I never really thought much about it but the other I day, he was over and I asked him to bring his Final Fantasy VI cartridge and show me the secret boss on my old SNES.

  1. Beat at least half of the dragons in the game.
  2. Then you must go to South Figaro and find Sir Richard (click for a larger pic). He tells you of the ancient order of dragon slayers and challenges you to find and defeat the king of the Dragons, Tiamat.
  3. Next defeat every other dragon in the game before the final dungeon.
  4. Return to South Figaro and speak with Sir Richard. He advises you to reutrn with only three pary memebers. When you do, he will lead you through the trees at the upper left hand corner of South Figaro and out of town.
  5. There he will summon Tiamat (also click for a larger pic). You know have to fight Tiamat with only three characters. It's a tough fight. My friend has never beat him. So we don't know what happens from here.Tiamat

Good luck and if you ever beat him let everyone know what happens next.

(Courtesy J. Wilson)

Get Umaro in the World of Balance

We all know you can get Umaro in the World of Ruin. Well, here's how to get him in the World of Balance.

Buy 60 Green Cherries and 60 Dried Meats. Then put Mog in the party, and go to the spot where you first saw Umaro. Mog will take the 60 Green Cherries and the 60 Dried Meats; you can then go into any building and wait until you hear a crashing sound.

Go back out and head for the spot where Mog has laid out the food, and you'll find Umaro eating it. With nowhere to go, Mog orders Umaro to join your party, and he will.
(Courtesy Mewmon)

An Addendum to the Czardragon Story

In FF V, you eventually came across a chest in the final dungeon (the Cleft of Dimension). When you opened it, you had to fight a dragon called Shinryuu. He was the mightiest of all dragons (unlike Bahamut). He started the battle with "Tidal Wave", which did a 8000-damage water-elemental attack. Anyway, he was almost impossible to beat. he absorbed every element, and usually did two spells in a row (such as Big Guard, Roulette, Atomic Ray, etc.). Anyway, here is when it gets interesting. When you beat him, you get the Ragnarok sword, the most powerful sword in the game.

Now for a little language hocus-pocus:

Czar is a word related to Julius Ceasar, who made himself the supreme ruler of the Roman empire. Many words have been linked to this word: the Dutch "keizer", the German "kaiser", and the English Czar.

Anyway, Czar means Emperor. That's the whole point.

When we translate Shinryuu, we find that
a) Shin means "king" or "emperor"
b) Ryuu means dragon.

So, the legendary Shinryuu and the Czardragon are the same!
(Courtesy Ozinga)

Getting Gestahl

Here's a way to get Gestahl on your team. After getting Gogo in the WoR, go and be eaten by the ZoneEater again (Gogo and one person from the party you used to get him must be with you). You'll be transported into the BACK of the cave. Gogo will come out and say, "I remember here. The place of the tyrant." and will run away. Go through a series of tunnels to find Gogo on the ground. The member of your party who found Gogo will say, "Gogo, what has happened?" and he will reply, "The tyrant is here." Walk to the treasure chest behind Gogo and receive the Imperial Dirk, Regal Crown, and Cutlass. You will hear:

"Who dares steal my memoirs?!"

You will be in an immediate battle with the Tyrant (Gestahl) and his pet Sr Behemoths. He attacks with a Scimitar and uses Meteo and Meteor regularly. He also uses Goner and heals his Behemoths who have more HP then Doom. After the battle, Tyrant talks about getting revenge on Kefka and joins you. He has the Scimitar and Paladin Sheild and does Goner for a speacial (300 MP)!

Courtesy Anonymous)

Fight Chaos in Final Fantasy VI

To fight the end boss of Final Fantasy 1, have Gau learn all 255 Rages. After that, you must go back to Triangle Island in the WoR. After encountering a Zone Eater, let it suck your party up. This time, you won't be in Gogo's Cave!!

You'll seem to be in the Temple of Fiends. After making your way through the first couple of floors, you'll be met by Atma. You'll have to fight him too. There is also an Illumina in a chest. A Monster-in-a-box chest contains 'Terror Gaze,' a pallette swap of Doom Gaze. Terror Gaze has about as much HP as the Final Kefka, and he uses the Doom spell regularly. After defeating it, you'll receive a Minerva.

Making your way down to the last level is tough. You'll encounter Sr. Behemoths regularly, and many of the bosses in Final Fantasy VI appear as random enemies. Better take Mog and a Moogle Charm. When you reach the bottom floor, there will be a piece of Magicite. Searching it will cause Chaos to appear from the magicite. He'll challenge you to a fight to see if you are worthy of the name of the "Light Warriors." He has over 400,000 HP, and he uses Ultima regularly. He can also summon Crusader.

If you manage to defeat him, he'll say "You are the true Light Warriors", then the magicite shard shatters, teleporting you out of the Temple of Fiends. You cannot reenter the Temple, so get all of the treasures when you are there.
(Courtesy Rubicant)

Kill Kefka in One Attack

Have Shadow throw an AtmaWeapon at Kefka (Final Battle), and you'll get a text message saying, "Too much damage to count..." and Kefka will die.
(Courtesy Rubicant)

Getting General Leo

Go to the dinosaur forest (WoR) and fight and win 4,000 battles. After this is done, you will start getting into fights with Gold Dragons. Eventually they will give you a resurrect potion which will revive Leo. At this point he will join your party.
(Courtesy FFAddic)


When you get the Phoenix Esper, and all the screen is black (before you see the words, "The Village of Kohlingen"), press: A B X Y UP DN DN L R L R Select. Then Leo will revive.
(Courtesy Cyan)

The Czar Dragon

*This section is totally true!*
Okay! Dust off those old copies of Final Fantasy VI... we have a true mystery here! Today I (Aero) was searching through the Final Fantasy VI ROM, and I found the following text in the section which contains the battle dialogue: [ address: FEBB5h ] Mwa, ha, ha.... Humans and their desires! I'm free at last! I bring you destruction... I bring you terror... I am Czar! Prepare yourselves! and, in the area where enemy names are stored: [ address: FCE76h ] CzarDragon What do these two pieces of evidence point to ...? An enemy which is yet to be discovered! Somewhere, in the dark recesses of Final Fantasy VI, lies a creature that has, for five years, evaded detection by all Final Fantasy VI players!

Addendum 1 Jan 2001:
R51 has recently begun hacking a Final Fantasy VI ROM using Yousei's editor. Here are a pair of screenshots of the entry for Czar in that program. Here is what the editor says about Czar as he exists in the standard game: Level 83, 60001 HP, 60000 MP, Strength 30, Speed 13, Defense 102, Hit Rate 100, Magic Defence 153, Magic Power 10. You get no experience, no GP, no items for defeating him. Sounds like a fairly formidible guy.
Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

NOTE: Though Czar exists in the game data, there is no way to fight this enemy in an unmodified game. DO NOT waste our time or anyone else's asking how to: it can't be done.

*Now for the false rumour...*
Everyone knows that you can get the Crusader esper by defeating all eight of the Dragons in the WOR. However, there is an alternative, less-known way to obtain this powerful piece of Magicite: all you need to do is possess all 26 other pieces of Magicite in your inventory at once. It sounds easy at first, but if you think about it for a while, you'll realize that a dilemma exists: you can never own Raiden and Odin Magicites at the same time. Ah, but hear this! In order to obtain both Magicites, all you need do is kill the Blue Dragon in the Ancient Castle using the 'Break' spell (or any other petrify-inducing attack such as Gau's 'Dread' [from Deep Eye] or Mog's 'Cokatrice'. It is difficult -- the odds are 1:256!). Once this is accomplished, the Queen's petrifaction will be nullified, and she will be released. However, her corporeal form by this point will be over a millenium old, and so she will aid your cause by actually transforming herself into another Magicite: Raiden -- this time, your Odin stone will remain with you. Now, when you have gathered 26 of the Magicite stones, Crusader will be released from his prison, and you'll be granted his powers.

Of course, the question that now begs for an answer is 'what will defeating the eight dragons now do?' Try it, and you will see: once the final dragon is defeated, you'll get the familiar message, 'Dragon seal broken'. However, what ensues will be quite different. You'll immediately be drawn into a battle, and the following message will be displayed:

Mwa, ha ha... Humans and their desires! I'm free at last! I bring you destruction... I bring you terror .... I am Czar... Prepare yourselves!

You will then have to re-fight each of the eight Dragons, with no breaks in between, in this order: Gold Dragon, Ice Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon, Skull Dragon, Blue Dragon, Dirt Dragon, Storm Dragon. Once the Storm Dragon is defeated, you will be faced with a new, ninth Dragon known as the 'CzarDragon'. (The CzarDragon is a gold-and-blue version of the sprite used for Red Dragon and White Dragon). Czar

CzarDragon has 65530 HP and 65530 MP. He absorbs all eight elements and has no weakness. If he is attacked physically, he will counter with his special technique, 'SoulSyphon', which, if it works, will drain all of one party member's HP (or the amount of damage the Dragon has suffered -- whichever is less). If attacked with magic, he will counterattack with 'Step Mine'. When he loses all his HP, he'll unleash four HyperDrives on your party (use Life 3!!) If you manage to survive that, your reward will be 16,000,002 exp., 9,000,000 GP, 90 Magic Points, Economizer x 4, Paladin Shld x 4, and Illumina x 1. Good luck!!
(All Courtesy Aerostar)

Rubicant has hacked the Final Fantasy VI ROM and replaced KatanaSoul with CzarDragon. You can download his hack from our emulation page.

The Paladin Ring

To find the Paladin Ring, go to Albrook in the WoB. In one of the shops, there are three treasure chests that are empty. Now, this is important!!! if you look right near these chests, there is another one. It is on top of a box and it is unreachable. Isn't that strange? Now, you have to open the chests like this:

Right, Center, Left

So, it is from the right side to the left side. Now, when you get to the WoR, you'll notice that the treasure chest that was previously unreachable is now accessible. Inside is the Paladin Ring, which takes all of your major stats up by 100, and gives you "Life3" when equipped. Eveyone can equip it except for Umaro.
(Courtesy Rubicant)


Fight 255 battles with the Cursed Ring equipped. There are many variations on this rumour, but none of them work.
(Courtesy R51)

The Gamma Sword

Fly around Kefka's Tower so that the shadow of the Falcon is over the green section of the field. Continue until you see a cutscene where the sword is given. This sword is rumoured to be the most powerful in the game and/or the sword that can revive General Leo.
(Courtesy Cyan)

Getting General Leo. In CRAZY LAND.

R51's note: Okay, so this one isn't believable. However, it is pretty funny!

To get Leo, you must play Final Fantasy VI for exactly 58:41. Then right when it turns to 58:42, walk into Gau's dad's house and talk to the man. He should say: "A weird General Dude just came into my house and went on the roof! Use this chair!" If you fixed the chair earlier, then you can use it to go on the roof. You now fight Leo and if you use a revivify on him, he says "Oh no you win. I will go to the place where the air is beneath the water."

Then, if you go back to Daryl's tomb and use the Shovel you get at Thamasa for feeding the cat food to Gungho (The cat food is found in Mt. Zozo when you press A when touching every single wall until a switch appears. Press the switch and a new town will open near Narshe, and it's called Zagula. Once you're in Zagula everyone's a cat, and talk to the Cat in the Green house. Buy 33 scimitars from him when you have 44 scimitars and he'll give you Cat Food!

The trick with the scimitars and cat food will only work if you've found the Lunkum Dagger in the Phoenix Cave, the most powerful dagger. It's in the room with the green torch. To get to the room with the green torch push the blue torch in the room with all the purple torches. To get to the room with purples torches you have to have put the beer in the old man's cup in the hidden bar in Zagula. In the hidden bar, there's an old man, and if you talk to him, he says "Empty cup. Need Beer!"

The beer is the most valuable item in the game. In order to find it, you have to press the red button that is in Lockes house on the floating continent. In order to get back to the Floating Continent, simply walk into Thamasa and walk into the invisible door which is next to some trees. Then you'll go to a yellow room where the Atma Key is. Use the Atma Key on the hidden door in Narshe and Kekfa's tower will turn into the floating continent. Once you're there, go to Locke's house and push the red button to get the beer) Use the shovel in the place where you get the airship and you'll dig up Leo's dead body. Use Phoenix Down on him and he'll join you! You have to have 77 Scimitars and the Lunkum Dagger for it to work!

P.S. You also have to find the Crazy Plunger in Locke's house! Good Luck! Oh here's a secret: Locke is an alien.
(Courtesy Neal)
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