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Final Fantasy VI Downloads

A variety of media and data that you can take home with you from your visit to CoN. You'll see here one of the few archives of DexDrive saves for the FF6 release on the playstation, customization for your desktop and WinAmp player, and even ROM editing tools.


Files you can use to play FF6 on your own PC. Available here.

Saved Games

Savegames for Final Fantasy VI. Available here.

ROM Editors

You can use these to, well, edit your ROM (not that we necessarily condone that). There are several from which to choose. Available here.


SPC music, advert videos, and the Caves of Narshe WinAmp skin! Available here.

Other Downloads

The Mynock's Walkthrough

The preeminent text-based walkthrough for Final Fantasy VI. This is the document upon which many other walkthroughs are based.


Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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