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Final Fantasy VI Saved Games

PSOne DexDrive Saves

To use these with your PlayStation Final Fantasy VI, you'll need a DexDrive unit. Alternatively, you may play them on the PC using a PlayStation emulator; however, we do not provide information or support on doing so. It is also likely that these will only work on the North American version of FF6, due to regional variations.

Savegame 1 by Starchaser

This game is saved at Kefka's Tower, with two statues down and only Doom remaining. The levels of the characters range from about 40 to 60. Nine of the twelve characters selected for the tower have all magic. All skills are mastered, plus Strago has 20 lores and Gau has 120+ rages.

Rating: 10/10
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Savegame 2 by Neal

This game is saved at Kefka's Tower. The levels of the characters range from 37 to 73, and has one highly powerful party with Locke, Celes, Sabin, and Shadow. Many of the characters have minimal magic, but all skills are mastered (except Rage and Lore). Also includes end-of game "System File."

Rating: 10/10
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Savegame 3 by R51

This game is saved in the Caves of Narshe, 15 minutes into the game. Terra is the only character earned right now, as the game is prior to the Moogle battle. Terra, however, does have 9999 HP and 999 MP, thanks to GameShark. It will definitely make a good starter game.

Rating: 4/10
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Savegame 4 by R51

An hour and a half in, this game is an extension of Gamesave #3. Terra still has 9999/999, and now she has collected Locke, Edgar, and Sabin and has cleared Mt. Kolts. As a new twist, the GameShark was used to give everyone Force Shields and Genji Armor, as well as the Illumina, Atma, Valiant Knife, and Aura Lance. Everyone has equipped the most powerful of the available items. Levels are around nine and ten.

Rating: 5/10
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Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
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