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Final Fantasy VI Button Names

Written by  Rangers51
CoN Webmaster

Thanks to the various releases of Final Fantasy VI on a multitude of systems, the controller button functionality varies from version to version, even between the SNES and PSX (which are otherwise so similar that we don't feel a need to fork our coverage between those versions). The gameplay feels pretty natural among most releases, even if you're switching back and forth, but if it's your first time trying the game out on PlayStation Network or Virtual Console, you might feel a bit hung up.

As such, we've tried to label buttons with their function names wherever possible rather than specific button labels. This should help out considerably, but you might well run into cases where either the game, our guides, or both just don't give you enough information for it to be completely clear (for instance, if you're a dirty ROM player). To help you out with this, we've provided a list of the default mappings for the buttons on SNES, PSX, and GBA alike. The Wii Virtual Console release follows the pattern of the SNES, and requires a GameCube or Classic Controller. The PlayStation Network version follows the original PlayStation release to the letter - or, in this case, symbol. Refer to this if you're confused by button names in a guide.

Function Name SNES/Wii Virtual Console PlayStation/PlayStation Network Game Boy Advance
Action/Ride Chocobo/Board Airship A a
Cancel B × b
Party Swap for Multi-Party Dungeons Y Select
Open Menu X Start
Pause Game Start
Switch Single/Multi-target Mode L or R L1 or R1 L or R
Run from Battle L+R L1+R1 L+R
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
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