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Final Fantasy VI Media

Video Files

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Desktop 1 Contributed by Dang0
This file comes to us from the mystery of the internet. It's a commercial for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI, done in liveaction and CG. It's about 4.4 MB and in MPEG format.
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WinAmp Skin

A nice Caves of Narshe skin for the WinAmp media player, created by R51 based on art by Hikaroo.


SPC Music

Music files extracted directly from the SNES ROM by CzarDragon, Dream Master, Guy, Cait Sith 2, Niko and Auriga. Good quality, low filesize.


If you don't have a way to extract a RAR archive, pick up a decompressor from the RAR homepage. You'll also need something to play these back. Zophar's Domain hosts a good selection of SPC players and WinAmp plugins.

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