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Final Fantasy VII Characters

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Yuffie Kisaragi

Vital Statistics

Materia hunter, Ninja
Ninja gear
20 November
Yuffie: Image


Written by  Super Moogle
One of the two "secret" characters of the game, Yuffie is a self-professed materia hunter who scours the world for the valuable artifacts, sometimes taking them out of the hands of unsuspecting travelers. She is a direct descendant of a ninja clan and has adopted their fighting arts as her own, though her disposition seems to contradict the wise subtlety and storied tradition typical of her kind.

Young and impetuous, Yuffie often comes accross as sneaky, self-centered, and arrogant. Though she has a very cunning and capable mind, she can sometimes act very immature or childish. Her presence draws a natural suspicion from Cloud and his friends, for Yuffie clearly has any number of ulterior motives for joining their cause. But in time, they begin to trust Yuffie despite her faults, and she in turn begins to treat them as friends - human beings instead of objects to manipulate.

By all appearances, it seems that Yuffie's bond to the group is a purely mercenary one; she's only in it for the money and the materia. Eventually, however, it is revealed that her selfish motivations have a deeper side to them...

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