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Final Fantasy VII Characters

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Cid Highwind

Vital Statistics

22 February
Cid: Image


Written by  Super Moogle
Cid is the brash, blunt, and headstrong pilot of the airship Highwind. He's best described as his own man, endlessly straightforward with little care for the opinions of others. Cid is the willful victim of all sorts of bad habits as well, from chain smoking to constant swearing. Despite these foibles, Cid is a fearless warrior, a kind person at heart, and a worthy addition to the team.

Cid was once known as the finest pilot in all of Shinra's employ, and his skills are readily apparent in his mastery of all forms of aviation. His one greatest wish was to be the first man in space. It seemed that his dreams would come true when he was commissioned as the pilot of the famous Rocket that spearheaded Shinra's space program. Unfortunately, a manufacturing oversight and Cid's own immutable conscience ruined the launch. Cid's life soon fell to pieces, with Shinra abruptly dissolving its Space Department and confiscating the Highwind, Cid's beloved airship.

Since then, Cid has harbored a certain bitterness towards Shinra for smashing his dreams. Despite this, he still tinkers with the now inoperable Shinra 26 in false hopes that Shinra would someday reinstate its Space Program. But when Cloud and his friends visit Rocket Town looking for some transportation, Cid leaps at the opportunity to escape the downward spiral of his life.

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