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Final Fantasy VII Button Names

Written by  Tiddles
Site Developer

As a player of the PC version, I was always infuriated to see instructions and puzzle solutions described using the PlayStation button names, which were essentially useless to me. We're not sure whether anyone still plays the PC version, but this could still be a problem if you customised your button configuration on the PlayStation.

As such, we've tried to label buttons with their function names wherever possible rather than specific button labels. While this makes things easy for obvious assignments like OK, CANCEL and MENU, you might still be confused by a guide telling you to press PageDown, for instance. To help you out with this, we've provided a list of the default mappings for the buttons on both PlayStation and PC. Refer to this if you're confused by button names in a guide.

Function Name Default PS1 Mapping Default PC Mapping
OK Numpad Enter
CANCEL × Numpad 0/Insert
SWITCH Numpad ./Del
MENU Numpad +
PAGEUP L1 Numpad 9/PageUp
PAGEDOWN R1 Numpad 3/PageDown
CAMERA L2 Numpad 7/Home
TARGET R2 Numpad 1/End

If you're playing with a PC Gamepad, it's worth checking how it's set up in the configuration menu. The game's default gamepad configuration suits a Gravis Gamepad Pro, assigning all the button positions to their PSX counterparts.

Warning: We've heard that both versions of the game sometimes need the original default button to be pressed rather than any customised one. If our buttons don't seem to do what you expect in certain places, try pressing the default keys from this list instead of any you've reassigned.

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