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Final Fantasy VII World Map

Introduction by  Tiddles
Site Developer

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll have spotted the other CoN world maps by now, which work much like this one. You’ll also have spotted the slightly nonsensical introduction on them about being different from other CoN maps, which I wrote for this map when it was supposed to debut before the others were upgraded to the same system. (You see how long we’ve been working on the Final Fantasy VII section?)

Anyway: much like the other maps, click a location marked in white to find what’s sold there. We don’t have store information for the greyed out ones; their locations are just shown for your information. If it doesn’t seem to work, try the script-free version.

[Final Fantasy VII World Map Image] Chocobo Sage Icicle Village Wutai Bone Village Nibelheim Rocket Town North Corel Costa Del Sol Midgar Kalm Cosmo Canyon Gold Saucer Junon Chocobo Farm Fort Condor Gongaga Temple of the Ancients Mideel [Final Fantasy VII World Map Image]
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VII
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