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Final Fantasy VII Characters

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Introduction by  Tiddles
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In gameplay terms, Final Fantasy VII's characters are only really differentiated by their weapon types and limit breaks, since any character has the potential to equip any materia and, eventually, have their statistics manipulated in any way desired. However, as far as plot is concerned, they are an interesting crowd — much more so, in our opinion, than FF7, FF8, and FF10 character designer Tetsuya Nomura's later creations.

There is a certain depth of information about the Final Fantasy VII characters which cannot be conveyed without spoiling the plot. Hence, you can turn spoiler information on or off for this section. We suggest that you only turn it on if you've finished the game, and are interested in our character and plot analysis, and how it compares to your own understanding of the game. You can still view a character synopsis and their key data without using the spoiler mode.

Cloud Strife

Vital Statistics

19 August
Cloud: Image


Written by  Tiddles
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Cloud is apparently a former SOLDIER, first class, who left the Shinra elite fighting force following an incident in his hometown five years ago, involving Sephiroth, which left his childhood friend Tifa at death's door. His initially casual attitude makes him no friends at eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE, who hire him at the beginning of the game to help in a raid on one of Midgar's Mako reactors.

There is, however, a lot more to Cloud than meets the eye. Far from being the emotionless mercenary he perhaps wishes he could be, a complicated past causes him deep inner turmoil throughout the story. Does he even know himself exactly what happened on that day, five years ago? His account of events is certainly flawed, as you may well observe.

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