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Final Fantasy VII Characters

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Tifa Lockheart

Vital Statistics

Bar hostess and member of AVALANCHE
3 May
Tifa: Image


Written by  Super Moogle
Cheerful, kind, and optomistic, Tifa is the lovely and talented proprietor of the 7th Heaven bar in the Sector 7 Slum of Midgar. Her establishment doubles as AVALANCHE’s base of operations, and Tifa herself is a key member of the rebel organization.

Her bright outlook and friendly disposition always brighten the spirits of her companions, and her caring, selfless nature often makes her the heart of the group. But despite all her charm, Tifa is a surprisingly powerful warrior, perfectly capable of crushing foes with her impressive martial arts skills.

From the beginning it is clear that Tifa shares some history with Cloud, the mysterious ex-SOLDIER mercenary, and it is soon presupposed that they grew up together in the town of Nibelheim. However, the exact nature of their past relationship remains unclear for some time. One thing is certain, however; Tifa holds a deep affection for Cloud that transcends mere friendship, though she is often too shy to admit it, even to herself.

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