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Vital Statistics

Corel Village


Written by  Super Moogle & Elena99
Contributor / Former Writer & Fanfiction Editor
Dyne grew up in the village of Corel, where he worked as a miner. He was married to a woman by the name of Eleanor, and they had a baby girl, though he hasn't seen his daughter since her infancy.

Years ago, the village was burned, a decision of Shinra's, which left his wife and daughter dead. Soon after he had a tragic accident in which one of his arms was shot off. He ended up getting a gun grafted onto the stump of his arm, an operation which was soon to be done again by another Corel citizen.

Circumstances lead him to become an inmate of the desert prison under the Golden Saucer. He has achieved a high level of respect from the other inmates, but it did nothing to calm his anger and hate. He is a solitary, unhappy man, and wants to be left alone.

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