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Final Fantasy VII Characters

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Vincent Valentine

Vital Statistics

13 October
Vincent: Image


Written by  Super Moogle
One of the two “secret” characters in the game, Vincent is the ultimate man of mystery. His allegiance, his abilities, his past — everything about him is wrapped in intrigue. Cloud and his friends find Vincent imprisoned in a coffin deep within the bowels of Shinra mansion, sealed away for some dark, unknown purpose. What little information there is about him is vague and uncertain, though he appears to share a fateful and tumultuous history with Shinra Corporation, particularly with Hojo and Sephiroth.

For his part, Vincent certainly isn’t talking. Somber and quiet, he guards his secrets in a mask of silence, and he prefers not to talk about himself to any degree. His gloomy outlook is doubtless the product of a tragic past, but none of his comrades know for sure exactly what happened all those years ago.

Vincent possesses the awesome and frightening ability to morph into various horrible monsters in his Limit Breaks. It is suspected that his strange powers are a result of Hojo’s bizarre experiments, but the true nature of his relationship with the mad scientist and his creations remains unclear for some time…

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