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Mog Soldiers

by Del S


Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: That didn't happen in the film...
The Basement
Cryan punched Bloop, and pinned him against the wall. He then tried to stab Blooper with the sword.

Blooper kicked Cryan in the parts he had earlier said did not exist. This didn't seem to stop it hurting like chainsaw buggery.

Blooper scrabbled left, and grabbed a piece of wood. He hit Cryan a few times, before drawing his revolver. He then recalled something: what was the small sharp object earlier made of...?

It was a little too much to hope, but it was the only hope.

Blooper threw it at Cryan, and it lodged in the creatures arm.

The skin around the stab began to smoke, and the weremoogle screamed.

Blooper took aim.

"And by the way, fartbreath, I can shoot a weremoogle..."

He fired. Cryan's world ended.

Some time later
The sun had arisen, and Blooper had dislodged the debris from the trapdoor with some effort. The dog followed him, as he stepped through the still-smouldering rubble.

In the dawn air, there was a thick fog. From this fog, came men...


Figaroan Soldiers.

Not Fog Soldiers, as that would just be cheesy.

The lead Figaroan ran towards him, saw him, and both soldiers screamed.





"Who are you?!" Said the Figaroan sergeant.

"Who are YOU?! And before you say you asked first, this is my country, not yours."

"I'm Lieutenant Peter Grelmin, of the Figaroan Mountain Rangers! We've..."

"...been attacked by great big furry howling things?" Blooper interrupted.

"Yes, how did you know?!" said the Corporal.

"So was I and my squad," Blooper said, pointing to the burning rubble.

"So, lads, since you're guests in my nation, what happened?"

"Who are you, Private?" The Lieutenant said, realising that Blooper was below his rank.

"Private Blooper, Narshean Army."

"Well, we had it covered to start with, our platoon of fifty. I guess you must have been on the exercise we were told to stay away from..."

"Why were you here, Lieutenant?" asked Blooper.

"We were here to train to try and lay an ambush for a Vectorian force. No one in your army believes they'll attack, so we needed to train guys to know the area. Then they attacked..."

It had been going well for them actually, No losses, and a fairly large firebase set up within a clearing...

Then, a few hours before, something exploded a mile or so west, and then something came from that direction.

"It landed, blew up ten of our lads, and they broke through, and killed Captain Ryan as well as most of the rest.. We've been running from them for the past few hours, the fifteen or so of us left."

Blooper looked innocently sympathetic while he thought: bugger.

"So, uh, were are they?"

"Scared off by the blast, I think. We're heading back to the river, to get our boat," said Grelmin.

"Mind if I tag along, Lieutenant?"

"If you can shoot, here's a pistol," said the Figaroan, handing over a Figaroan FP2 automatic pistol.

The hastily allied team then ran...

The scenario felt like before to Blooper. All that was different was it wasn't his mates, never would be, and the Figaroan's yelled different words. Other than that, he half expected to run into a chocobo and cart...

"CONTACT!" screamed a soldier at the back, firing his rifle.

His comrades joined in, and the weremoogle fell. They didn't rejoice, instead, they started running once more as another covered them.

They kept running, and shooting. However, their volley fire didn't stop them all. One weremoogle, before death, tore apart one man and took the guts out of another. Another group managed to encircle the squad, and they only escaped because Blooper grabbed a rifle from a dead man, and shot the team's way out. The Corporal and three others were killed then, but they carried on. The river was in sight.

Ten small boats lay by a jetty, and the survivors scrambled on...

The tarpaulin lying in it leapt up and cut the first man's throat. The remaining men killed the weremoogle.

However, as he fell back, dying, the man fired one shot. This shot hit a rock, ricocheted into a tree, and shot through a branch, which then fell onto Blooper, and knocked him out...

"Oh, hell, uh, what do we do now, Lieutenant?" said one of the remaining six.

"Uh... Terry and Bruce, you get one boat, Sergeant Wells, you get another, take Cooper and Witherspoon, and... Joe, with me and our Narshean chum..."

They sailed off into town, and sailed off into legends of the battle in the mountains.

Most of these legends, as is the case with legends, were changed. The Domawood remake had all Doman's involved, and, rather like such rewritings as The Figaroan Job faltered.

But the legend grew nevertheless over the next two months, as did the number of cucumbers involved.

But the world was sailing down a different river, and two months afterwards, that Vectorian attack did hit Narshe, and broke straight past the defences, allowing a small magitek team in to attack the southern mines.

Five months later, it ended, as people knew it.

The legend grew even more, for the people of Narshe; it had become a story of how their people would triumph over any situation.

Kefka liked the bits with cucumbers, so he let them live. If they promised to claim he was in charge of the weremoogles.

This story however did not, and Blooper kept sailing down his river, even though no one else was on the river they were once on.

Eventually, Blooper reached a jetty... in that he woke up after a coma.

Some time later

The city centre lay so deserted, anyone who were to awake suddenly and walk out would think the world was coming to an end. However, most people would think ĎAgain.'

Blooper, however, didn't.

When he awoke, what he thought first was, where am I? He realised hospital, on account of the surgical dressing gown thingy. Then he thought, where's my gear? He found issue camouflage gear, and put it on, as he didn't like draughts on his arse.

He walked out of the hospital, wondering where the staff were. There were no other patients...

Upon exiting, he saw a scene of carnage. Carts lay overturned, horses lay dead, as did chocobos, and litter and detritus was strewed everywhere.

"Ah, shite..."

Blooper took a crossbow and sword from one cart, and started walking...

To be continued...
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