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Mog Soldiers

by Del S


Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Special Farces
Eighteen Hours after.

The squad came across a campsite. Items lay strewn all across the scene, including repetition crossbows -crossbows cocked via a small lever one pulled at the top of the box-shaped foregrip/barrel. This motion not only drew back the string, but also cocked a spring to assist in resetting the lever, and also pulled the next bolt into the chamber from the clip of thirty. Some models had a clockwork mechanism allowing rapid fire. Also lying around were many revolvers, one of the new "pump-action" shotguns, and a self-loading, Narshe SLR-1 rifle, a new weapon just neing issued to some rifle units to replace the breech-loading BLR-2, but still firing the ssme rounds as the army revolvlers. In addition, boxes of revolver (and rifle)ammo lay around, as did many crates of crossbow bolts. In an FPS, this would not be unusual, and would be enough to fight off the enemy of the level. However, this was not an FPS...

However, the worst fact was every weapon had not been fired once, and then there was the crimson stains lying all around, accompanied by some small parts of tissue. Blood was sprayed on the trees and rocks nearby.

"Bloody hell..." said Balloon .

"Looks like a messy eater..." said Berry.

"Berry, I was trying not to think about what it was being eaten..." Blooper said.

"Oh, that's easy..."

"Berry!" yelled Blooper.

" was..."

"BERRY!" said Joe.

"...French fries covered in tomato sauce."

"Phew..." said Balloon.

"...or, judging by the guts I'm standing in, people," Berry blithered on.

"Aw, Jesus pissing Christ, Berry!" Spruce yelled.

The squad investigated a little more, , when a box clattered aside, to reveal Cryan, bloodied and aiming a Revolver.

"NOO!... Wha... Help me..." After this , the man collapsed..

"Check him out, Bloop!"

"Not my type, Sarge."

"AS IN MEDICALLY, you muppet!" Sarge screamed

"I can patch him up, but he needs a medic fast."

"Sodding magic..." Berry murmured.

"Cryan, what happened here?" Bloop asked

"Oh, Bloop, do not tell me you know him!" Joey said

"He's Captain Cryan, sir, Mountain Rangers," Blooper said

"Not the bloody dog lover!" Sarge said.

"There was only supposed to be one!" the Captain said, deliriously. He had claw marks across his chest, and blood across his face.

"Was he in on our game, Sarge?" Balloon asked.

"Not unit markings, insignia, or Uniforms, just tags..." Bloop announced.

"I reckon not then," Sarge said

"A covert op?" Spruce said.

"Its possible," Bloop said "They've staged exercises near places with a covert mission as cover before."

"They tore them to pieces in front of my eyes!" Cryan wailed again.

"I hope he's an artist, and some people objected to his drawings..." Berry said.

"Look around, mate, you tell me if there's any bloody paper!" Spruce said.

Sarge did look.

"No paper... but some very weird shit."

"Tranquilliser darts, Nets, Trainer Costumes...It's more like a bloody Safari," Spruce said.

"Who are they, Captain?" Bloop continued asking.

"Doesn't matter, Bloop, what does is we have Casualties to locate, so ditch your packs, pick up a real weapon or two, as much ammo and stuff as you can carry, and lets get ready. We are up against live, hostile, targets, so if a little blonde artist should show up with a paintbrush and a bad attitude, I expect you to shoot the bitch. A lot. " Sarge said.

"You can't kill them. They won't die!" Cryan moaned

"Only ‘cos you berks didn't shoot them!" Berry said.

At that, there was a howling noise they normally wouldn't have found scary, shouldn't have found scary, but knee deep in blood, snot, sweat, shit and people's insides, rabbits and chipmunks are scary.

"All right lads, grab what you can and head for the treelines," Sarge yelled

The squad left, lugging Cryan.

As they ran, Cryan kept falling, dragging the man carrying him down with him. The Sarge decided to ask for a volunteer for rearguard action.

"I'll do that, Sarge," Spruce said

"All right, when we're clear, we'll cover you. "

"With what, sarge?" Berry asked.

"Crossbow bolts and bullets!" Blooper said.

"Wouldn't a nice camouflaged blanket be more appreciated?" asked Berry.

"Shut up, Berry! No heroics, Spruce..."

"Right sarge."

Spruce aimed the repetition crossbow, a Mastmar-Plinker 5.

There was a loud series of thump-thump noises, like heartbeat. It wasn't his...

A creature looked through eyes that displayed a grey world. A grey world brighter than the coloured world humans saw...

Spruce heard a twig snap, and aimed the bow. Movement made him fire...


He removed the clip, saw the bolt locked into the chamber, and unblocked the chamber quickly. He re-cocked the weapon, bringing a new bolt into the chamber. He pulled the trigger...

The bow zipped off into the gloom, bounced off a tree, back the way it came, into a branch, before terminating in Spruce's foot.


After un-nailing his foot from the forest floor, he ran as quickly as he could.

Spruce ran along, not really paying much attention, due to fear. He stopped running. Being impaled upon a fallen tree does that to you.

Spruce, spitting blood, watched the claws streak towards him...

The Sarge ran back, looking for Spruce. He found most of him.

"Spruce? SPRUCE!" Sarge yelled in vain. Few living people have holes in the chest.

Suddenly, a creature howled, and Sarge felt claws rip his stomach open

Blooper then arrived, firing on the creature with his bow, and it yelped, and fled into the gloom.

"Sarge, where Spruce?"

"Everywhere! Arrgh, me guts are out..." the NCO wailed.

"Then we just pop them back in!"

"They won't fit! AAARGH!"

"How come they did before?!"

"Its like packing a crate, everything fits when you take it out but there's never enough space when you put it all back..." Sarge murmured.

A creature leapt...

"Target*!" Sarge yelled, as he and Bloop shot it.

Blooper picked the Sarge up, and they fled, Sarge moaning about guts.

The rest of the Squad shot at the shapes now trying to flank them as they fled along the forest. The shapes were tall, white, and had fat stomachs, as well as large claws and fangs. In the darkness of the forest, and encroaching sunset, not much else was visible.

Arrows clattered off trees, as the squad fired on the move, seeking to keep the enemy back rather than kill. In the current light, and current distances, killing shots were hard upon ordinary creatures.

Against the shapes surrounding the squad, it was nothing less than impossible. To do that would be useless. Like Berry.

"Target left!" cried one man.

"Covering fire!" bolts shot into the dark.

This yelling and shooting carried on for some time, until Balloon reached a road, and saw a Chocobo-And-Cart...

*In case you're wondering why they didn't yell contact, that's American soldiers. Target is yelled by the British army, ironic considering we ask questions then shoot. Luckily, Narshe's army is a combination of the two: shoot whilst asking questions. Questions such as "Why are we shooting again?"

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