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Mog Soldiers

by Del S


Chapter 6

Chapter Six: A plan to have a blast
The House

"Cryan" leapt forward. Into Bloopers sword.

However, the weremoogle did not seem fazed by this.

Fells grabbed a log off the fireplace. Sadly, it was a small twig. He stared at it for a moment, then threw it away.


Cryan leapt for the stuck, and Balloon swung his sword...

Cryan leapt out of the way as Balloon's sword swung into the mantelpiece and smashed every ornament.

"Oh hell.... Uh...."

"Never mind the fecking ornaments, kill the crazy weremoogle!" Blooper screamed.

Fells now had a proper log, and rammed the burning end into Cryan's stomach. The Weremoogle howled.

As Balloon's swipes did further interior decorating, the injured weremoogle leapt out of the window.

It missed, and hit the wall. It tried once more, finally getting the window, via the planks...

"Kuppoow, splinters!"

After nailing the boards back up using the unaccounted for source of wooden boards Flegan was getting from somewhere, the team thought of a possible plan.

"I say we burn the trees outside down," Balloon said.

"I say we sit tight ‘till help comes," Blooper said

"Wait, I know, we build an Airship, and fly out of here!" Fells said.
"A what, Sarge?" Balloon asked


"The what?!" Balloon asked

"The one at the front door!"

"Oh, THAT," Fells realised.

Five Minutes Later

"The petrol tank's burst and it's like it's pissing petrol out," Balloon announced.

"That IS piss, it's a horse. They've popped its bladder," Fells said.


"Well, since it'll probably die before it gets us anywhere, It's not much use..." Flegan said, looking at a barrel of gunpowder.

"What are you planning?" Blooper asked nervously. He soon wished he hadn't.

"Well, the creatures must be nesting near here, somewhere warm and close to their food supply," She said.

"The stables?" Fells said. Bloop stayed silent. He knew where this was going.

"Yes. If we can blow the stables up, we might just be able to take most of them out. " Flegan announced.

"And how exactly can we do that?" Balloon asked.

She pointed at the barrel of gunpowder.

"Yes, and the overall plan?"

"A volunteer runs outside, loads the cart with gunpowder, ensures it leaks a small trail of powder, drives it into the stable as someone else lights the powder, the volunteer jumps out and runs back. I propose Blooper as volunteer, and Balloon to light the fuse, any questions? No? ok, go," She said .

"Actually, I have one: what if Balloon lights it too early?" Blooper said.

"Speed up," Flegan said.

"I don't think that's very safe!" Blooper said.

"I think it is. We'll be fine in the house," Balloon said.

"And what about ME?!" Blooper said.

"He's right, this could be dangerous. I had better light the powder," Fells said.

And so, Blooper loaded the cart with barrels, and broke one to release a small trail of powder...

The cart clattered down the hill to the stables, as Fells stood ,with a burning rag in a bottle, at the door.

The cart was halfway, when something happened: Fells sneezed, and dropped the bottle, which lit the powder.

"AW SHIT!" Blooper screamed, and the horse's speed doubled...

The horse and cart then crashed straight into the stable, overturned, and Blooper ran quickly.

He ran past the burn after five seconds, and ran even faster upon realising this.

Then... nothing. The powder had burnt out a few meters short.

"What now?!" Blooper screamed.

"Flare!" Balloon screamed, firing one.

It hit Blooper in the chest.


"Balloon, that was the only flare, and you just hit Bloop. Nice work," Flegan said.

"Run into the powder, the burning clothes will light it!" Balloon yelled.

"Sod that!" Screamed Blooper, throwing the burning jacket, with flare fused on, into the stable, and fleeing.

The flare burned out...

Bloop, in desperation, ran back to the house, and grabbed an RPG from the closet. He tired paper to the RPG's end, and lit this paper. He ran towards the stable, and threw the burning paper-and-bulb on the stick in.

The Powder went up at last, in a massive fireball. Something shot out of the flames into the sky, and spiralled off eastwards over the treeline. A few second after, some smoke rose from wherever it landed.

A singed, and soot-covered Bloop staggered back to the house.

"Okay, we blew them up, now we run?" Blooper said.

"Actually, no... there never was any chance," Flegan said, looking like she was confessing to something.

"What do you mean?" Balloon said.

"There was no way of getting out of here alive."

"Why?!" Fells asked.

"Because..." she said, but was interrupted.

"Because there wasn't even one in the stables when it blew up, was there?" Blooper said.

"Not one," She said

"And that photo: the only reason that someone could have taken it is because it was you, wasn't it?"

"...Do you think I like being a part of this? This screwed up ‘family'? No, no I don't," She said, backing up.

"So where ARE they?!" Balloon said.

They emerged from behind Flegan.

"...I know you three probably think I'm a complete bitch. But that's totally wrong. "

"No... you're a catgirl from hell," Fells said, drawing his revolver.

Flegan's eyes glowed yellow, and Fells shot her between the eyes.

"Bad kitty..." He said.

It was then the three recalled what it was standing behind her.

"OH BUGGER! RUN!" Fells yelled. He and Blooper went upstairs.

Balloon however ran into the kitchen.

"Balloon, come on!"

"SurEEEK!" the soldier ran into a weremoogle, and ran back in. He barricaded the door with the table, and took aim at it.

They came in the other door.

"Oh hell!" He shot a few crossbow bolts, driving them back, and blocked that door with a chair.

Blooper and Fells, meanwhile, ran. Blooper turned to throw a grenade, and , after it detonated, he realised Fells and Balloon were nowhere to be seen...
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
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