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Mog Soldiers

by Del S


Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: House Party.
The House, Upstairs

Blooper knew Balloon was probably still downstairs, but was unsure of Fells.

"Where are you, mate?" He yelled. A Weremoogle came upstairs, and Blooper ran into a nearby door.

It was the bathroom.'


Fells had ran into the safest place to be in most times of stress: the toilet.

"I'm in the Khazi!" He yelled.

"The what, Sarge?!"

"The KHAZI!"

"The Toilet?"

"Yes, Moron!"

Blooper realised this was through a wall, and kicked at the sink.

Fells meanwhile, sat tight. Then an arm punched in through the door. Fells grabbed a spray-can, and lit its emissions, attempting to burn the fur.

"How'd you like these apples?!"

Blooper, meanwhile, had a chunk of porcelain, and started to hack his way through the plaster wall.

Fells sprayed flames at a Weremoogle's arm. He then realised something.

"Bloop, give me a shard of porcelain! "

"Why, Sarge?" Said Blooper, his face visible through a small hole.

"Just give me a long thin one."

Blooper did so.

A Weremoogle arm came in, and was promptly pinned to the door by the shard. Fells then set it alight with the remainder of the can.

Blooper made his way through, and started to hack at the other wall. Fells meanwhile, grabbed a second spray can as the arm worked it way free, covered in flames.

The second can ran out as Blooper hacked his way through, and the two scrambled into the bedroom.

A Weremoogle tried to follow. Fells punched it, then blocked the hole up.

"Crap, now what?" Blooper realised."Quick, hide in the cupboard!" Fells said.

"What?!" Blooper said. They opened one. CzarDragon greeted them

"Are you the party?" it asked "You're at least, ooh, 15 months early you know."

"Uh, what?" Blooper said.

"Then go away," the hidden boss said, and closed the door. It would be the last anyone would see of him in anything FF6 related that was not a hack...

The two soldiers ignored this, and got into the closet.

The bottom was lined with bones.

"Aw gawd..." Fells said, not at the sight, but what he knew was coming.

"Looks like this family had a few skeletons in the closet..." Blooper said.

"Right, that's it, give me your bow. We're going down into the kitchen..."


"Slowly to start, but its an express elevator..."


Balloon heard the grenade go off. He aimed at the door still, but now glanced at the other door occasionally.

Then the weremoogles attacked in force, smashing at the door.

Balloon fired a few bolts through, to yelps, but was soon out. He drew his sword, and awaited the inevitable.

The chaired door burst open, and a weremoogle entered. Balloon swiped at the creature, but his sword lodged in its skull, and didn't come out. Luckily, the creature fell dead(ish).

Balloon breathed a sigh of relief. Then another one came in.

"Aw hell... " he said, and ran at it...

Balloon swung, kicked, and dived. The weremoogle was fast, however. Balloon managed to land a punch on it nevertheless.

"HA! Take that y'bastard!" he yelled, grabbing a knife, and poising himself to stab the creature.

He attacked , stabbing it, and screaming like a man berserk. The creatures blood was sprayed all over him... but it still stood up. Not one head wound had been inflicted in Balloons crazed attack.

The creature punched him like a sledgehammer to the testicles, and then grabbed the dazed man.

"...I hope you get some serious diarrhoea from eating me you furry tit!" said the defiant trooper.

It struck then....

Back upstairs

"OW! MY FOOT!" Blooper said

"Well, I told you to watch out!" said Fells, as the bolt was plucked out.

"So, now what?"

"Stamp on the floor," Said Fells.

"With THIS foot?!"

"No, the other one, you big wimp!" Said the NCO as both began stamping.


The two men fell down, onto the table, which had been shifted by the entry of weremoogles. None were in sight, and neither was Balloon...

"Where's Balloon?!" Blooper cried.

Fells picked up a watch from a pool of blood. His watch.

"There is no Balloon..."

"Crap!" said Blooper, punching the wall.

"Come on, block the doors back up!" Fells said.

The two did so, but soon after, the weremoogles attacked once more.

The dog from earlier then sprang out of a trapdoor that led to the basement.

And Fells screamed in pain.


"Bloop... " the man breathed heavily, his fingernails growing longer... "Get out. Hide down there, and get away from here. You have to prove this happened to someone, and get these things killed!" The sergeant said.

"I'm not leaving you behind!"

"Get down into the basement, Blooper! This isn't an order, mate, it's a last request..."



Blooper did so reluctantly, taking the dog with him, as Fells slumped by the cooker, and groaned. He reached out, and switched the gas supply on, and it leaked out into the room...

Blooper locked the trapdoor behind him, and heard the doors barricades give way once more.

Fells stared at the weremoogles, and produced his lighter.

"Sorry lads, can't join the group. I'd just burn your credibility..."

The fireball blew the walls of the house out, and the remaining few walls simply collapsed as flames shot out of the windows, before they all were swallowed up by the smoke and dust...

Blooper couched in the basement, and cringed at the noise. The trapdoor was now blocked, and the smell of dust filled the air... but so did another smell that was equally unwelcome.

Blooper looked around in the basement, and saw numerous human bodies hung up on hooks. He'd found their fridge.

Uniforms of the mountain rangers adorned most bodies, but lying in a corner was a small metallic... Dagger? Letter opener?

Blooper looked at it carefully, then heard a noise behind him.

A Weremoogle stood, with a sword stuck straight through him.

"Cryan..." Blooper realised.

Cryan roared.

"Tried licking yer balls yet? Oh, that's right, you don't have any!" said the soldier.

The captain-turned-monster attacked...
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