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The Figaro Brothers

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

Engine Trouble

"Setzer is working with Ovid?!" cried Sabin.

"How could you resort to stealing from my castle?" Edgar asked.

Setzer stood motionless, except for his hands, which were steering the airship. He had a blank look on his face.

"That's odd," replied Edgar.

"I'd almost say he's in some kind of trance," suggested Sabin.

"I bet Ovid is controlling Setzer's mind somehow," Edgar added, "So we've got to find him!"

"He's gotta be on board somewhere," said Sabin.

"Unless he jumped off the airship," said Edgar, as they rushed back to the ladder near the stern of the ship.

"We're talking about Ovid," reminded Sabin,"He was as yellow as a Chocobo. Sometimes I wonder why you even hired him."

"Our military was understaffed," answered Edgar,"But never mind that now! We've got to go find Ovid!"

As they approached the opening in the floor that had the ladder in it, a familiar character quickly made his way up.

"You don't have to look very far!" it was Ovid, talking in his annoying, squeaky voice.

"You little twerp!" cried Sabin,"What have you done to Setzer?!"

"What makes you think I'll tell you, Muscle-head?!" was the five foot, ex-guard's response.

Sabin was wearing a Dragon Claw on his right hand. It consisted of a metal band that his hand slid into. There were three long, and very sharp blades on top of it, that he used to slash with. It once held the power of pearl, but since magic was gone, it no longer had any special powers.

Sabin grabbed Ovid by the cuff of his guard uniform, and held the claw near Ovid's face.

"Bring him back to normal, you little weenie!" Sabin demanded.

"Be careful!," said Edgar,"He may be the only one who can bring Setzer back!"

"Help me, Setzer!" cried Ovid, who was pale from fright.

The brothers looked over their shoulders and saw Setzer was now turned around, and facing them. He pulled five rectangular-shaped blades from his brown coat. They looked like playing cards, but were much sharper. He let all five fly at the two brothers.

"Look out!" cried Edgar, as he jumped to the side.

Sabin jumped to the other side, towards the starboard part of the airship. He let go of Ovid in the process.

"Have fun!" exclaimed Ovid, as he hurried back down the ladder.

"What now, brother?!" asked Sabin, as another barrage of blades grazed his head.

"We can't hurt him, he's not acting under his own will!" answered Edgar.

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Sabin.

He charged at Setzer, deftly dodging the blades as they came at him. Then, with one swift leap, Sabin jumped over Setzer, and landed behind him. Sabin quickly spun around, and pressed his index finger to the back of Setzer's head. Setzer dropped to the deck.

"Good job!" Edgar said.

"I almost forgot about that trick!" cried Sabin,"Duncan would be proud to see me do it that well!"

"He's only knocked-out, right?" asked Edgar, rushing to his brother.

"Yeah," replied Sabin,"He'll be out for about a half hour."

Edgar began to look Setzer over. He felt through the gambler's silvery hair, and pulled out a metal band.

"This was wrapped around the top of his head," said Edgar.

"What is it?" asked Sabin.

"It looks like a slave crown," explained Edgar,"Only it's not as wide."

"Probably so no one will be able to see it," suggested Sabin.

"Exactly," replied Edgar,"Which means Ovid is smart enough to modify sophisticated technology. That's odd, because the switch looked like it was taken apart by an amateur."

"I think we should go back down below deck, and have a little talk with Ovid," said Sabin. He picked up Setzer, and put him over his shoulder, while Edgar stopped the airship in mid-air.

"Let's go," said Edgar.

The duo hurried back to the other side of the deck. Edgar carried the slave crown with him.

Just then, Sabin heard a strange hissing noise.

"Why is the slave crown making that noise?" asked Sabin.

"It's not the crown," confirmed Edgar, who had stopped, and was looking it over,"Why are we still moving?" Edgar noticed the airship was moving ahead, slowly.

"We've got a problem," said Sabin, looking up at the giant blimp that kept the Falcon afloat.

Edgar looked up, and saw that, to his horror, there was smoke coming out of the engine. The engine was located in the back of the "blimp-like" area above the deck.

"How did that happen?!" exclaimed Edgar.

"One of Setzer's throwing blades must've hit one of the fans in back!" replied Sabin.

The engine caused the giant fans in the rear of the "blimp" to spin. This was the Falcon's mode of propulsion. It was obviously going a little haywire, as it was smoking and still moving the ship.

"We've got to land this thing!" cried Edgar, rushing to the controls.

* * *

Back in a room below deck, Ovid stood by the doorway.

"Go up and make sure Setzer finished them off," commanded the voice in the shadows.

"Yes, master," replied Ovid.

"I will not have intruders on my new ship!" cried the voice.

Ovid went out the door, closing it behind him.

* * *

"I need to find a place to land!" cried Edgar, who was steering the ship. Setzer had taught some of the Returners how to fly it, back when they were fighting Kefka and the Empire.

"I think we're near Zozo!" cried Sabin looking over the side of the ship. They had to yell over the noise of the engine, which was becoming quite loud now.

"This will be the second time I've crashed one of Setzer's airships! He's going to be ticked off, when he comes to!" yelled Edgar.

"Don't blame yourself!" said Sabin,"Ovid's the cause of the whole situation!"

The engine was sparking, and pushing the Falcon downward at a great speed. The smoke from the engine was becoming more of a fog now. Edgar had little control over it now.

Ovid, who was hanging onto the ladder leading below, peeked up at Edgar and Sabin. He cursed at the fact that they were still alive. They didn't notice him.

'He won't be happy, if this thing crashes,' thought Ovid,'Maybe these two can save it.' He went back down below, so they wouldn't see him.

"I can't control it anymore!" cried Edgar. The whirring sound of the damaged engine was almost deafening now. Sparks, and a few small flames were coming from it, as well.

"Grab onto my shoulder!" cried Sabin, who was still holding Setzer.

They weren't far from the ground now. Edgar grabbed onto Sabin's left shoulder. Sabin took a flying leap off the starboard side of the ship.

They hit the ground hard, and fell into a pile. They must've fallen over thirty feet, but they were almost completely unhurt!

"Is that another trick Duncan taught you?" asked Edgar, as they were standing up.

"Yeah," replied Sabin,"He taught me a lot."

Then, they heard a thunderous crash behind them, as the Falcon flew into the side of a mountain. The front of it was reduced to splinters, and the back fell to the ground. The engine part of the blimp was still smoking. There were flames spewing out the back of it.

"There's no way we can fight that blaze!" cried Sabin.

"Setzer won't be happy," remarked Edgar.

"I know," replied Sabin,"But we'll worry about that later. Let's find a place to camp for the remainder of the night."

* * *

In the wreckage of the Falcon, Ovid's master was not happy.

"CURSE THEM!!!" he cried,"THEY'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!"
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