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The Adventures of Terra

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic


"So who are you, anyway?" Terra asked her captor, a seven foot tall bald man, with gigantic, almost super-human muscles. They were walking across the Veldt, heading away from Mobliz. Gau and Roy were also captive.

"My name's Krugg," said the man, in his deep voice,"And that's all you need to know!"

"About the ninja that you spoke of," said Terra,"Did you kill him?"

"Do you think anyone can survive a punch from me?" Krugg said with a grin,"What a sec! The ninja I tangled with was Shadow, the assassin. You guys saved the world together, didn't you?"

"Yes," said Terra sadly, as tears began to build up in her eyes.

"Were you two friends?" asked Krugg.

"Yes, all of the Returners were friends. Even Shadow, who isn't always very friendly," replied Terra.

"GOOD! AHA HA!" Krugg broke out into laughter when he realized that he had probably made her life miserable.

Terra broke out into tears. She hadn't really gotten to know Shadow, no one really had. He had vanished when they were escaping Kefka's tower, and no one had known if he was still alive. His dog Interceptor, who was probably his best friend, had followed Relm. He was probably still with her.

"You mean man!" cried Gau,"Shadow Gau's friend too!"

Gau leapt into the air, and managed to land on Krugg's head. He started to hit, and even bite, Krugg's face. Krugg tore Gau off of his face, and held him in his monstrous right hand.

"Are you human or an animal?!" Krugg yelled at Gau in a thunderous voice.

"Gau more human than you! You big and ugly!" was Gau's response.

"Say goodbye!" cried Krugg, as he pulled back his right arm, and hurled Gau into the air. Gau didn't come back down until he was well out of sight.

"You fiend!!" cried Terra, tears were still running down her cheeks.

"I've knocked off two of your buddies!" cried Krugg,"And it's not going to get any better for you, either! Now get moving! We've got to get across this hunk of dirt before dark!"

Roy got ready to lunge at Krugg, but Terra held him back.

"Not now," Terra whispered to him, realizing that a direct assault would be impossible.

The trio continued to walk along.

* * *

As the sun was setting, they reached the west side of the Veldt, where a ship was docked.

"Here we are," said Krugg,"Let's get on board."

A rope ladder was dropped down the side of the ship by some unknown person.

"Climb on!" Krugg commanded.

Terra and Roy made their way to the top of the great ship. After they were on the deck, Krugg followed. The rope ladder stretched out under his enormous weight. Terra was amazed at the fact that he made it to the top without breaking it.

"Let's get this thing movin'!" Krugg commanded the driver who was behind Terra and Roy.

Terra turned around, and felt an icy chill go through her. There was one person at the wheel, but there were four others standing with him. They wore gray and white robes. They were members of the Cult of Kefka.

"What's going on?!" Terra demanded to know,"What do you want with us?!"

"You ask too many questions, lady," Krugg responded,"Now go down below deck, and stay there!"

Krugg pointed to a door, which was halfway between the bow and the stern of the ship. Terra, followed by Roy, entered it, and descended down a flight of wooden stairs. Krugg, who stayed out on deck, closed the door behind them. Terra noticed that there was no lock on the door.

'Krugg can probably keep people from escaping better than any lock,' thought Terra.

Terra looked around, and saw that the room she was in was lit by lanterns. The light they gave off was dim, but it was bright enough for her to see about two dozen men, all dressed in identical leather outfits. The men looked toward her, and seemed surprised to see her.

"Are you part of the Cult of Kefka?" Terra asked.

"We probably will be," one man replied,"That Krugg guy freed us from Doma's prison, so we could work for him."

"Except for that one guy, who tried to stop Krugg," started another,"It was that assassin, named Shadow."

"Did Krugg really do him in?" asked Terra sadly.

"Dunno," replied the second man,"But someone who could help save the world outta have good survival skills."

"Hey," said the first man, who was looking at Terra closely,"You're Terra, aren't you? You helped save the world, too!"

"Yes," she replied,"And I'm afraid it may be in danger, again."

"I'm scared, Mama," admitted Roy,"What is that man going to do to us?"

"I don't know," replied Terra, putting her arm around Roy,"I just don't know."

* * *

Krugg stood on the deck, staring into the cloudless night. This had been a rather fun mission, and he hoped his boss gave him more like it. Normally, Krugg didn't like to work for anyone. He always wanted to be in charge, especially since he now had unbeatable strength. But he had to admit that he didn't have the brainpower that his boss had, and brains were useful in conquering a planet.

He had to admire someone as sick, twisted, and evil as Kefka was, so he joined the Cult of Kefka quite some time ago. It was too bad that Kefka had been defeated. His boss would probably reward him well for killing two of the people that helped defeat the Cult's lord. And as for the woman that he was bringing to his master; she was going to wish that she was dead, as well.

* * *

Terra sat below deck, with Roy asleep in her arms. All of the escape prisoners were asleep, as well. She was worried about Shadow and Gau. Maybe Krugg was wrong, and Shadow was alive. After all, he did have good survival skills. But the way that man talked made it sound like Shadow was a prisoner of Doma, too.

Had he been caught killing somebody? Terra didn't want to think about it anymore.

As for Gau, he learned to survive by living on the Veldt. But who could survive being thrown that hard and that far?

She also pondered the fact that the Cult of Kefka was involved. Was Krugg leading them? Why did they want her? Was it for revenge? And where were they heading on this ship? There were so many questions, and Terra didn't know how to begin finding answers.

She looked down at Roy. He had been brave through all of this. She prayed that he would go unhurt.

Terra closed her eyes, and fell asleep, hoping that things would be better in the morning.
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