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Mechanical Magic

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

... And Resolution

Five minutes:

Edgar, Setzer, Strago, Relm, Terra, Celes, Cyan, and Gau had all managed to stay together. They ran down a corridor, in an attempt to get back to the Falcon.

"We should have about five minutes!" cried Edgar.

"Can we get to the airship in that time?" asked Cyan.

"I hope so!" said Edgar,"This whole place will be history when the explosion occurs!"

The caverns began shaking slightly, and some small rocks were coming off the walls, and ceiling.

'I hope Locke is okay,' thought Celes.

* * *

Four minutes, Thirty seconds:

Shadow, followed by Interceptor, rushed down a corridor. He wasn't quite sure where he was going. he just wanted to get out before the entire generator blew up. The caverns where shaking, and rocks were falling on him. The shaking had just gotten worse, and it was getting hard to see where he was going. Then Shadow bumped into something large, with bandages on it. It was Krugg.

"I'm not sure what's happening," Krugg admitted,"But tearing you apart would feel really good right now!"

"I was almost executed because of you!" cried Shadow, taking a battle stance,"I could've been hung in front of every citizen of Doma."

"Well," replied Krugg,"If you had died in the prison, like you were supposed to, you wouldn't have had to go through all of that!"

"It's time I put an end to you!" declared Shadow.

"Ha!" laughed an overconfident Krugg,"What can possibly defeat someone as powerful as me?!"

Just then, the shaking became even worse. The vibrations of the volatile generator, were causing the caverns to fall apart. The ground beneath Krugg gave way, and he fell through the floor.

"NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!" cried Krugg, as he hit the floor below Shadow, and debris landed on him. A great chunk of the ceiling from the level Shadow was on, fell down through the hole, and completely covered Krugg.

"Let's go, boy!" Shadow told Interceptor, as they turned around.

* * *

Three minutes:

Locked fled down a corridor, lost and confused.

'I'm supposed to know my way around caverns!' he thought.

There was debris falling all over the place, and small holes were starting to open in the floor.

'Gotta get to the airship, on the fly!' thought Locke, as he passed a room.

Something in that room caught his eye. Locke rushed back and looked inside. It was the golden sword, laying on a small wooden table.

"Alright!" cried Locke,"I'm going to own that thing after all!"

He rushed in, and reached out to pick it up. Just as he went to grab the hilt, another hand grabbed it from the other side.

"I don't think so," Makrahcken glared down at him, with Kouse on his left shoulder.

"That's mine, and you know it!" shouted Locke.

"It's going to be in my hands from now on," replied Makrahcken,"Even if I do have to get it a little blood-stained!"

Krugg swung the gold sword at Locke, but the treasure hunter dodged out of the blade's way. He did, however, move in front of Makrahcken's hand, which knocked him over. Makrahcken put his right foot on Locke's chest, as Kouse flew off his shoulder.

"I'm getting tire of this routine!" shouted Makrahcken, who was preparing to stab Locke with the sword.

"You aren't the only one!" replied Locke.

"ROCKS!" squawked Kouse, as a small rock came down, and knocked him to the ground.

"Kouse!" cried Makrahcken, rushing over to the bird. In his hurry, the sword slipped out of his hand.

Locke stood up, and as he reached down for the sword, a crack opened up in the floor. The sword fell through, and a constant stream of debris from the ceiling fell through as well. Locke could hardly see through it, and didn't know if Makrahcken was still on the other side.

"Blast it!" shouted Locke, as he exited the room.

* * *

One minute, Thirty seconds:

Sabin remembered his brother saying that the explosion would happen in about five minutes, and he had no idea how much time was left. The whole place was falling apart, an he knew it was going to get a lot worse. As he sprinted down a corridor, he felt someone pull his right leg back, and out from under him. He fell flat on his face, and then looked behind him. Ovid stood there, with a big grin.

"Trying to escape my master, eh?" assumed Ovid.

"Ovid!" cried Sabin,"Why aren't you trying to get out, too?"

"Why should I?" asked Ovid,"Definnius is on my side! Can't you feel the power of this quake he's creating?"

"Are you THAT stupid?" Sabin wondered, standing up,"It's going to be over in a minute, or two. The machine over-heated, and this whole place is going to be destroyed!"

"My all-powerful master, is going to be killed?" Ovid mumbled in wonderment,"I'm not going to have a high position in the new world monarchy?"

"No!" shouted Sabin,"Definnius may be dead already!"

"He can't be!" exclaimed Ovid, turning around,"I'll save him! He's destined to be a powerful ruler!"

Ovid ran back the way he came and hoped he could save his master. He knew that he was worthless, and couldn't get anywhere without the help of a powerful man, such as Definnius.

As Sabin continued running in the opposite direction as Ovid, he thought he heard a giant rock fall, and Ovid yelling.

* * *

One minute:

Edgar, Celes, Cyan, Gau, Terra, Setzer, Strago, and Relm, hurried out of the exit that led to the ledge above the Falcon.

"Come on!" shouted Setzer,"We've got to get away from here!"

He, and the others, jumped down the ledge, and landed on the same level as the Falcon. Even out here, the ground seemed to be churning. Suddenly, Locke landed down with them.

"Locke!" cried Celes,"You're okay!"

"Of course!" answered Locke,"You're looking at the master cave explorer!"

"Let's just get to the airship!" shouted Edgar, as they got to their feet.

"Leaving without me?" Sabin jumped down, and landed on his feet.

"I knew you'd make it out!" exclaimed Edgar.

* * *

Thirty seconds:

Everyone was aboard, and on the deck of the Falcon.

"I think we're all here!" declared Edgar.

"Let's blow this joint!" yelled Locke.

Setzer began manipulating the controls, and the Falcon managed to lift off of the shaking terrain.

"Kiss Definnius goodbye!" Setzer exclaimed.

"It seems like someone isn't here," said Terra.

"Shadow!" Relm pointed back at the collapsing mountain. A hole had been made in the side of Mount Zozo, and Shadow was staring up at the ship.

"There's not enough time, and no place to land!" shouted Setzer,"I'll have to swing by, and have him jump on!"

* * *

Ten seconds:

Setzer had swung the Falcon around, and was soaring through the sky. It began to swoop down.

"I hope he knows to jump," said Celes.

"I'm not close enough!" Setzer realized, as the Falcon was about a second from passing Shadow.

Shadow leaped for the Falcon as it whizzed by, and managed to grab the side of it. Cyan helped him up, as the Falcon blasted away from Mount Zozo. Shadow stood on deck, and watched with the others, as a pillar of light shot out of the mountain. A sound ten times louder than thunder was heard, as the Mount Zozo shattered. The pillar glowed every color imaginable, and cleared away all of the dark clouds Definnius had created. When the light was finally gone, there was nothing but a rock filled crater left, where Mount Zozo once stood. The town had been destroyed as well. During their prison stay, they had learned that the thieves had been recruited into the cult.

"It's over," said Locke,"And we all lived to tell the tale!"

"Not all of us," replied Terra sadly,"Mog, Umaro, and Gogo were killed."

They all bowed their heads as they remembered what happened to their friends.

"We'll have to set up a date for a funeral," declared Edgar,"But for now, I think we'd better return to our hometowns, and let people know exactly what was going on."

"Good idea," commended Strago.

"Shadow," Relm approached him,"Where's Interceptor?"

Shadow shrugged, and walked to the bow of the airship. He just stood there looking over the side.

"He must be gone, too," deduced Relm, with tears in her eyes,"And Shadow doesn't even care!"

Strago gave Shadow a cold stare.

Seconds later, Relm heard a familiar bark, as Interceptor walked up from below the deck.

"You're okay!" Relm cried, as she put her arms around him. The dog began licking her face.

Shadow then followed, and came up the stairs. Realizing that he was also looking over the bow, the other Returners stared at this newcomer.

"Sir Shadow?" Cyan seemed confused.

"I thought you saw me below deck, as you rushed up here," replied the second Shadow, who seemed unaware of the first,"Sorry if I worried you."

"You were below deck, before we first took off?" asked Edgar.

"I was the first one aboard, and I stayed below for cover," answered Shadow.

"Let's get this over with, right now!" shouted the first Shadow, who was now watching everyone else.

"Huh?" the second Shadow finally noticed his double.

The first Shadow tore off his dark outfit, and revealed himself as Definnius. He had a long sword in a sheath, strapped to his back. He still had his Kefka outfit on, and it had black, burnt spots on it. He had taken off the bands.

"Definnius!" cried Sabin,"You survived!"

"Yes," said Definnius,"I may not become ruler of the world, or usher in a new age of chaos, but I can at least do away with you meddlers!!"

Definnius charged at all of them, swinging his sword left and right. A few of them got a few small cuts. The Returners surrounded him, and drew their weapons. Definnius realized he was outnumbered, so he jumped up, and grabbed onto a rope. It was one of the ropes that attached the main part of the Falcon with the "blimp" section.

"You'll never kill me!" shouted Definnius, as he climbed up.

"After him!" cried Edgar, as he and the other Returners climbed up all the different ropes.

As they all reach the top of the blimp, they saw Definnius standing toward the back.

"We must end this, once and for all!" declared Edgar.

"You put us all through enough, already!" shouted Celes.

"We shall avenge our three friends!" cried Cyan.

"Gau no like you!" shouted Gau.

"Take your best shot," uttered Definnius.

"CHARGE!" cried Edgar, as all twelve of them rushed toward the villain. As they charged across the moving airship, they seemed to form into one solid mass. Definnius got a look of terror in his eyes, as he realized what was about to happen. All twelve reached him, formed a semicircle around him, and pushed him off the back off the blimp. He tried to grab onto the blimp as he fell, but he slipped and seemed to swing forward; into the whirring propulsion engine. There was a brief spray of crimson, and then it was over. Definnius, had finally been stopped.

"It's finally over," said Edgar looking down.

"Let's head back down," suggested Setzer.

They all climbed back down, and Setzer resumed control over the helm.

"Where to?" asked Setzer.

"Home!" the rest of them said in unison.

* * *

Edgar and Sabin sat in the throne room of Figaro Castle. Sabin was seated in a smaller throne, to the right of Edgar. Jebediah stood before them, along with the Chancellor, and Matron.

"So how about it?" asked Edgar.

"I never thought I'd be working for a king!" answered Jebediah,"Sure I'll do it!"

"Matron!" Edgar commanded,"Take him to his new quarters!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Matron led him out.

"Almost forgot what it was like to sit in this chair!" admitted Edgar to his brother.

"Yeah," said Sabin,"I still think it's a little bit boring, though."

"We have to leave for the funeral at Narshe in a week," declared Edgar,"You'll be able to get away from here again."

"Will I be in charge, again?" asked the Chancellor.

"Yes," answered Edgar.

"I'm left in charge so much, that I'm starting to feel like a king!" declared the Chancellor.

* * *

"I can't believe I lost that golden sword!" cried Locke, at his room in the Kohlingen.

"It's only a sword," replied Celes.

"Yeah," said Locke,"But I really thought I had a shot at getting it! And besides, I promised you we'd get it! That's the whole reason you came along with me, right?"

"No," answered Celes, staring at him,"I came along to be with you."

"Really?" asked Locke.

Celes moved closer to him, and they kissed.

* * *

"Why are you back here without the Moogle fruit?" the Mayor of Thamasa asked Strago and Relm.

"Yikes!" exclaimed Strago,"I forgot all about it! I'm heading for Narshe in a week, so I can get it then!"

"Your lateness is understandable," explained the Mayor.

Strago and Relm left, and started walking back to their house.

"It's not going to be the same around here without Interceptor," said Relm.

"Well," started Strago,"There is a good side to it! I don't have to clean up any more broken furniture!"

"Hmph!" muttered Relm.

"Hey Strago!" Gungho approached them,"I'm ready for some of that sweet Moogle fruit! Where is it?"

"I'm afraid we haven't gotten it yet," answered Strago.

"Why not?!" asked Gungho,"It's been over a month!"

"I was captured by the Cult of Kefka, and forced to build a machine that would re-create magic!" answered Strago.

"Excuses, excuses!" said Gungho.

* * *

"I stand before you all," began Cyan, who was on the stage that Shadow's trial took place on,"Because I now have proof that Clyde Arrowny is not guilty of freeing Doma's prisoners!"

Shadow was standing to his right, and looked at the crowd. They all seemed shocked.

"Moreover," Cyan started again,"He defeated the man who is guilty of this crime. He also save my life and many others, by rescuing the Returners from the Cult of Kefka's prison. Thus, I am clearing him of all charges, and letting him go!"

Shadow, followed by Interceptor, bid farewell to Cyan, and left Doma. He had drawn out a map, showing Cyan the location of the stolen gold.

The crowd dispersed, and Cyan walked into Doma Castle, wondering if his next royal duty would be so difficult.

* * *

"We got a lot of the construction work done, while you were gone," Duane told Terra.

Indeed, Mobliz looked much better than when Terra left.

"We were so worried!" exclaimed Katarin.

"Gau still hungry!" Gau walked out of one of the newly re-built houses,"Any more food?"

"You've eaten almost everything we have!" cried Duane,"Don't you ever fill up?"

Then, almost every kid in Mobliz came out of another house, followed by Roy.

"Mama!" cried a girl,"When do we get to go on an adventure?"

"It sounds like fun!" exclaimed a boy.

"Children!" Terra tried to calm them down,"Hopefully you'll never go through what we just went through!"

"That's not fair!" cried the girl."Why does Roy get to have all the fun?!"

"A mother's work is never done," Terra sighed.

* * *

'All cleaned up!' Setzer thought, as he finished cleaning the Falcon, near Jidoor,'You'd be proud of me Daryl! I think I can make it even faster! I can't wait to show it off to everyone else next week!'

* * *

A week passed, and Setzer landed the Falcon in front of Figaro Castle. Edgar and Sabin were waiting outside. They boarded the ship, and saw that everyone else had already been picked up.

"You've got her all cleaned up, I see!" said Edgar, looking around.

"Yes," replied Setzer,"And I made it so she'd go even faster!"

The Falcon lifted up off of the sandy desert, and blasted northward through the sky, at one of the fastest speeds known on their world.
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