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The Treasure Hunters

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

Healing Potions

"LOCKE!!!" cried Celes, as she held his lifeless body in her arms,"You can't leave me!"

Tears were streaming out of her eyes.

"That'll teach you to mess with Makrahcken!" cried Locke's tall, dark-clothed assailant. He quickly dashed over and grabbed the golden sword, which was on the cavern floor. Then he dashed out the only exit, with his dark-feathered bird close behind. Celes didn't care about them or the sword anymore. She just wanted Locke to be okay.

Blood was spilling out of his chest, staining his, and Celes's clothes. Why did the people she cared about most always leave her? The same thing had happened with Cid, who Celes had called "Granddad". He had watched over her for a full year, while she was in a coma, only to die of disease shortly after.

Cid was a smart man. He had been a genius with magic, and could give anyone magical powers. He had given powers to Celes, and they had helped her immensely when she was a general. Unfortunately, the stone goddesses of magic had been destroyed, and magic ceased to exist. Even magical potions had lost their effects.

'Potions!' thought Celes. Magical ones didn't exist anymore, but recently, new plants and herbs had been discovered, that could be used to created chemicals; chemicals that were nearly equivalent to magic potions.

Celes was overjoyed. She had bought one that was supposed to be a new "Elixir". Locke had told her it was a waste of money, and it wouldn't possibly work, but she had to try it.

She detached the small vial from her belt, and took the cork out of the top of it. She removed the knife from Locke's chest, and prayed that she wasn't too late.

She poured the whole potion into his deep, red wound, and waited a few seconds. Nothing happened. Celes didn't know what she would do without him.

Then, after a few seconds, Celes glanced down amd noticed, to her amazement, that Locke had stopped bleeding. In fact, the wound began to seal itself up. After a few minutes, Locke was fully healed. It was a miracle.

His eyes opened slowly.

"Locke?" Celes still wasn't sure if this was really happening.

"What happened?" mumbled Locke.

"That Makrahcken guy stabbed you with your own knife," replied Celes,"Then I used that potion to bring you back to life."

"Makrahcken?" Locked seemed puzzled.

"That's what he said his name was, before he left," answered Celes.

"Oh," replied Locke, who was becoming more conscious,"I wasn't prepared for that. It seems like it's been so long since I've fought. I guess we should have come more prepared."

He stood up, resheathed his knife, and noticed that both of their clothes were blood-stained.

"I guess it's time to go back and get some new clothes," said Locke,"Since those new potions actually work, maybe we should buy some more."

"Yeah," replied Celes,"Let's head for Kohlingen."

"Okay," said Locke. He looked down at the ground and bent over,"Where is it?"

"Where is what?" answered Celes.

"The sword!" exclaimed Locke.

"Makrahcken made off with it," Celes replied.

"What?!" cried Locke,"We've gotta go after him!"

Locke dashed out of the cavern. Celes quickly followed.

It was dark outside. Neither of them saw any sign of Makrahcken, or his bird.

"They're long gone," Locke said gloomily.

"Let's head to Kohlingen, and get supplies, so we can go after him," suggested Celes.

"Right," replied Locke.

* * *

About a mile south of the cave, Makrahcken was wrapping up his right hand, the one Locke hand stabbed. The bleeding slowed down considerably.

"Curse him!" cried Makrahcken,"How dare he do something like this to me?!"

"Curse him!" squawked his bird. "Oh, shut up, Kouse!" Makrahcken demanded,"If I find out that he survived that stab wound, then I'll make him sorry!" Then he heard a noise. He looked skyward and saw an airship flying overhead. "Airship!" squawked Kouse. "Yes, I see," replied Makrahcken,"It's time we got back."

* * *

"Let's camp here for the night," suggested Locke, after traveling north for an hour or so.

"Okay," replied Celes, as she sat down on the ground.

"Guess we should've brought a tent," said Locke.

"Oh well," said Celes,"I suppose it could be worse."

Locke pulled some strips of dried meat out of a pouch on his belt,"Want some?" he asked.

"Thanks," answered Celes, as she took a couple of strips,"I'm starving."

The pair started to munch on the strips. "I'm gonna get that guy," said Locke after a few minutes,"He had no right to take that sword."

"Well it's not our sword, either," replied Celes.

"One rule of treasure-hunting," said Locke,"Is that whatever treasure you find, becomes your property."

"Well," said Celes,"I'm going to sleep. I'll be able to help you better if I'm rested up." Celes laid down and dozed off.

Locke looked down at her. She looked beautiful laying there in the moonlight. Locke moved over next to her, laid down, and fell asleep.

* * *

By late afternoon, the next day, Locke and Celes had made it back to Kohlingen. They stopped at a weapon shop and Locke bought a better, longer knife, and Celes bought a sword.

"Think we should buy some armor?" asked Celes.

"Some light armor," replied Locke,"We'll need to be able to move around quickly."

They bought some leather armor, and decided to get some more chemicals. They went into the item shop, and the same old man that they had seen before was behind the counter. He had a full head of snowy white hair, and a long white beard.

"Hello again," said the man in a happy, cheerful voice.

"Hello," replied Locke,"We need some more of your chemical potions."

"See, I told you that they weren't a waste," said the old man, remembering Locke's skepticism.

"Yes," replied Locke."and I'm sorry I doubted you. Your Elixir saved my life yesterday."

"I'm glad to hear that," replied that man,"Let me go in back, and get out some more of my wares." The man stepped into a door behind him. The door quickly slamed shut. A few seconds later, Celes thought she heard a low yell. A few minutes later, the old man still hadn't come back out. "

Mister?" asked Locke,"Are you okay in there?" There was no response. "Let's go in," suggested Locke. "

I've got a bad feeling," said Celes. The pair moved behind the counter, and cautiously opened the door. There was no one in the room, just some shelves with potions and ingredients. The door directy opposite them was open, and off two of it's hinges. It led outside. "I knew I had a bad feeling," said Celes, as she noticed the door had some fresh blood on it.
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