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Mechanical Magic

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

Returners' Reunion

"Kefka!" exclaimed Edgar,"It can't be you! I watched you die!"

"No" said the man standing before him,"I'm not Kefka, but the fact that you thought I was flatters me. I am merely dressed this way, to honor our lord."

"Then, who are you?" asked Edgar, who was still weak.

"I am Definnius," spoke the man,"And I have taken the position of the Cult's leader!"

"What do you want me for?" Edgar wanted to know,"Is it for revenge?"

"Naturally," answered Definnius,"We are all rather angry at you and the rest of the Returners for defeating our great lord. But I need you, and a few others, for something very special."

"Special?" Edgar was puzzled.

"I would show you now," replied Definnius,"But thanks to my worthless ally, you are too weak to be of assistance now. Rest, for now."

Definnius turned around, and walked back into the shadows. Edgar heard his footsteps getting further away, until there was complete silence. He also heard a door close.

'Great,' he thought,'I wonder how Sabin and Setzer are doing.'

* * *

"Not so tough now, are you, Karate-boy?" Ovid mocked Sabin, who was imprisoned with Setzer in a rather large cell. Ovid was no longer wearing a Figaro Guard uniform, but was in a black outfit. Setzer had been bandaged up, just like Edgar, and was still unconscious.

"You two-faced worm!" cried Sabin.

"Big talk!" replied Ovid, in his whiny, annoying voice.

"I could whip you in a fair fight, and you know it!" cried Sabin.

"That's why I don't fight fair!" Ovid grinned.

Sabin punched the metal bars in front of him.

"That won't work!" declared Ovid,"My master, Definnius created super strong metal. He has everything worked out!"

"So," said Sabin,"You are working for someone else! I knew you weren't smart enough to come up with that super weapon, or that slave crown!."

"OVID!" a voice bellowed from outside the main entrance of the prison.

"The master calls!" exclaimed Ovid,"See you later, muscle-head!"

Ovid walked out of the cavern-like prison.

Sabin didn't know what Ovid or Definnius were up to, or where is brother was. All he knew was that he was in the caverns of Mt. Zozo, and they had been heavily redecorated. There were lanterns lit everywhere, and metal covered most of the walls. Guards in white and gray robes seemed to be abundant in the caverns. Sabin didn't really know who Definnius was, but he seemed to be well prepared for whatever it was that he was going to do.

* * *

Ovid had followed Definnius down a corridor, out of earshot to Sabin.

"You insufferable little maggot," started Definnius,"You could've killed him!"

"I-I'm sorry, Master," whimpered Ovid,"But we do have two more of the Returners along with him, and one of them should know how to fix the airship."

"True," remarked Definnius,"Notify me when he regains consciousness! Now, go back and guard them!"

"Yes, Master," Ovid started walking back toward the prison.

Definnius walked a few feet down the corridor, away from Ovid, when he was stopped

by four guards. They were leading Locke, Celes, a black-haired man, and an old man to the prison. All four of them were bruised, scraped, and cut.

"Kefka?!" Locke exclaimed.

Definnius explained to them all who he really was.

"I am definitely having good luck today!" declared Definnius,"Two more Returners! Put all four of them into the cell!"

"Yes master," replied one of the guards,"When we stripped them of their weapons, we found this."

He handed Definnius a scroll.

"Interesting," said Definnius,"Go now."

The prisoners were led down the corridor, into the prison, and forced into the cell with Sabin and Setzer. The four guards left, leaving Ovid to guard the prisoners.

"Long time, no see," Locke looked over at Sabin.

"They got you guys too?" replied Sabin.

"Yeah," started Locke,"We were trying to save that old man from this thief, and we ran into a few cult guards. We could've beaten them, but more showed up. What happened to you two?"

"They were beaten by me!" said Ovid.

"Who are you?" asked Celes.

"I am the great Ovid!" he cried,"One of Definnius's top ranking men!"

"My brother is around here somewhere," explained Sabin,"They separated us, when we were brought in."

"So what exactly are these guys up to?" Locke asked Sabin.

"I don't know," he answered.

"And you'll never guess!" exclaimed Ovid.

* * *

In a different part of the cavernous maze, Makrahcken stood in a dark room. He approached a window-like opening, and peered out into the night. Then he saw his pet bird, Kouse, soaring toward the opening. Makrahcken was disappointed at what he saw.

Kouse was just big enough to fit through the "window" along with Relm, the girl he was carrying. Kouse dropped her on the cavern floor, then found his way to a wooden perch, which was in the back of the room.

"What is this?" asked Makrahcken, looking down at the unconscious girl.

"Capture! Kidnap!" squawked Kouse.

"I sent you for the old man!" Makrahcken cried,"Not his granddaughter!"

Kouse remained silent.

"Come on!" commanded Makrahcken,"We'll go tell Definnius of your failure!"

Makrahcken carried Relm in his arms, and exited the room, with Kouse on his left shoulder.

* * *

A few minutes later, Makrahcken entered the great hall of Definnius, and set Relm down on the floor. It was dark, as usual, but Makrahcken could see the great throne-like chair that Definnius usually sat in. At the present time, the chair was vacant.

"He's not here," said Makrahcken,"He must be with the new prisoners."

The dark robed man glanced over to a wooden table. Resting on it, was the golden sword that Definnius had taken away from him. Makrahcken approached it, and lifted the sword in his right hand.

"This is my sword, Kouse," he told his bird,"It wasn't easy to get, and I want it."

He glanced down at his wounded left hand, still wrapped up.

"I'm glad that you like MY sword," Definnius entered the room,"Now put it back."

Makrahcken returned the great treasure to it's place.

"I see that your bird has returned," he continued,"Where is the old man?"

"There was a mistake," replied Makrahcken,"Kouse brought her back, instead."

He pointed down at Relm, who was still asleep.

"Stupid feather duster!" shouted Definnius,"This is why I don't have you do anything, Makrahcken!"

"Give me another chance!" demanded Makrahcken.

"Very well," replied Definnius,"But I want no more mistakes! We can't afford any foul-ups in the great plan!"

Makrahcken approached the exit.

"Wait," commanded Definnius,"Take the child down to the prison."

* * *

Locke felt his cheek, to see how big the slice had been. He had returned his blood-stained bandanna back to his head quite some time ago, after the bleeding had stopped. Setzer was awake now, and he had been filled in on what had happened. Sabin, Celes, and Locke had been telling the old man about their adventures. Naturally, the he had recognized Sabin and Setzer, and knew about some of the things that the Returners had done. The black-haired thief had been silent since his arrival.

Makrahcken entered the prison area, without Kouse on his shoulder. He was carrying Relm.

"Where's your stupid bird?" asked Ovid.

"Kouse has more brains in his feathers, than you have in your ugly little head," responded Makrahcken,"Now open up the cell."

Ovid took a key off of his brown belt, and opened up the cell. Makrahcken tossed Relm in, waking her up.

"Wait here," said Ovid,"I have to tell Definnius that the airship pilot woke up.:

"Fine," replied Makrahcken. He wasn't too fond of being told what to do. The only reason he was taking orders from Definnius was because he thought that he could become powerful by doing so. Power was what this cult was all about, after all. Why else would anyone worship an all-powerful, god-like person, such as Kefka?

"You!" exclaimed Setzer,"You were the one who put the slave crown on me!"

"Good detective work," replied Makrahcken.

"Who are you?" asked Sabin.

"He's the creep who stole my gold sword!" Locke jumped to his feet.

"You?" Makrahcken was puzzled,"It can't be! I killed you!"

"It'll take more than you and your little bird to get rid of me, or any of the Returners!" Locke cried.

"The cave was so dark, that I had no idea it was you. If I had known, I might have made sure that you were dead." said the dark man.

"Ummmm.......what's going on?" asked Relm.

* * *

On the ocean's coast, east of Zozo, a ship was docked. A rope ladder had been dropped over left side, and there were people climbing down it.

"What's gonna happen, Mama?" Roy asked, as they climbed down the ladder.

"I'm not sure," replied Terra,"We're going to have to wait and see."

"Quiet up there!" bellowed Krugg, who was on the ground below.

After Terra, Roy, Cyan, and the Doma prisoners had made their way down to the wooden dock, the four cult members began to descend the rope.

"I want two of you to stay, so no one will swipe the ship!" Krugg declared.

After two of the robed men made it to the bottom of the ladder, it was pulled back up by the other two. Krugg led his prisoners toward Zozo, with the cult guards in the rear. The cult guards carried all of the prisoners weapons.

* * *

Strago awoke in a bed, and sat up. It took him a minute to remember he was in an inn, at Doma. He looked out the window at the bustling town. The sun couldn't have been up for more than an hour, and the number of people rushing about the streets was more than triple the population of his native Thamasa.

'Cyan sure has rebuilt this place well!' thought Strago.

Interceptor was awake, too and he was sniffing the air, as he had been the night before.

"I don't know who or what you're smelling," said Strago,"but it must be pretty good."

* * *

After Strago had eaten, he left the inn with Interceptor. When he first left with Relm to go after the Moogle Fruit, he planned on visiting Cyan. Now that Relm had been kidnapped, he hardly considered doing anything besides finding her. The bird had squawked out "Zozo" when it carried Relm off, so Strago was searching for a ship that could take him there.

About a half hour later, the old Thamasan stumbled onto the seaport. There were two large men aboard a ship, with bushy brown beards.

"Excuse me," Strago stepped aboard,"I need to get to Zozo."

"Zozo?" replied one of them, who had a deep voice,"We aren't scheduled to sail anyone anywhere today. And even if we was sailin' we wouldn't be goin' to a filth-ridden place, like Zozo."

"But it's important!" cried Strago,"I'm a friend of your king. Doesn't that mean anything?"

"Nope," answered the other man,"His Majesty ain't even here."

"Why you!" Strago was becoming angry,"Sick 'em, boy!"

"Ha ha!" laughed the first sailor,"I think yer gettin' senile in yer old age!"

Strago looked down, and realized that Interceptor was gone.

'Now where could he have run off to?' Strago thought, puzzled.

"Old man! No mistake!" Strago heard a familiar squawk behind him.

Before he could turn around, two strong talons grabbed onto his shoulders. The strong bird carried him off, over the sea.

"You'll be sorry you ever mixed it up with me!" Strago cried.

"What was the meanin' of all that?!" asked one of the sailors, watching Strago being carried off.

* * *

Ovid had fallen asleep in front of the cell, and Makrahcken had left hours ago. Relm and Sabin were the only ones who were awake, and Sabin had only just woken up.

"Why aren't we trying to get out of here?" Relm whispered. She had been filled in on the situation.

"Because we were tired," replied Sabin,"And I'm not really sure how to."

"With those muscles, you should be able to bust down the bars," said Relm.

"I've tried that," explained Sabin,"It's some super strong metal. This Definnius guy seems to be pretty smart."

"Well, we can't just sit here!" cried Relm.

Ovid stirred for a moment, and then continued snoozing.

"Pipe down," Sabin told Relm,"I want that annoying little weener to stay asleep as long as possible. It seems that the entire cult has it in for us, and that they're going to go after all of us, eventually."

"It doesn't take a genius to figure that out," replied Relm, sarcastically,"We destroyed their "great lord", remember?"

"Right," continued Sabin,"So the next time they bring a new prisoner, we'll rush out of the open door. I want you to stay back, though."

"Why?!" exclaimed Relm.

"What can you do without magic?" asked Sabin,"Throw paintbrushes at people?"

"Hmph!" Relm crossed her arms, and pouted.

* * *

It had been a slow walk, but Krugg and his captives had made it to Mount Zozo. Krugg had been leading them through the caverns. They finally stopped at a thick metal door, that was actually hinged to the cavern wall. It would've been a little difficult for an average human to open it, but it was no sweat for Krugg.

"Alright!" his loud voice reverberated off the cavern walls,"Anyone that I picked up from Doma, get in here!"

The twenty-three ex-prisoners of Doma began entering the doorway. Cyan followed, but was stopped by Krugg.

"Not you," Krugg growled.

Krugg closed the door behind the Doma prisoners. Now, the only people behind him were Cyan, Terra, Roy, and the two cult guards.

"Follow me," commanded Krugg.

The six of them stopped a little ways down the corridor. They were in front of another metal door. Krugg opened it up.

"You!" he said, pointing to Terra,"Get in here!"

"I'm not leaving Roy!" she declared.

Krugg picked her up, and tossed her inside. Then he closed the door.

"Mama!" cried Roy.

"We will stop you, eventually, Krugg!" declared Cyan.

"I'd like to see that!" he cried.

He led his remaining two captives through a maze of tunnels, and finally reached Definnius' great hall.

"You have returned, Krugg," Definnius was on his throne, half-visible in the darkness.

"Yes," replied Krugg,"The Doma prisoners are where you told me to put them. Terra is, too."

"Excellent," replied Definnius,"And who is with you now?"

"Cyan Garamonde, Returner and King of Doma. And this is Terra's little snot. I think his name is Roy. I also managed to kill Shadow, and that wilderness boy, Gau."

"Well done!" exclaimed Definnius,"Take these two to the prison cell, and have Ovid get them all something to eat. I don't want them to die just yet. One more thing; take Setzer, and the two people who aren't Returners, to where you left Terra. Then wait in the room with them."

"Right," replied Krugg, as he began to lead the two of them out.

"Are you Kefka?!" Cyan couldn't quite make him out in the darkness, but it looked like the mad man.

"No," responded Definnius,"Krugg, explain it to them on the way to the large holding cell. And you two guards are off duty for now."

The guards left in a different direction from the other three.

"Oh yeah," started Krugg as he walked behind Cyan and Roy,"That guy is Definnius, and he looks like Kefka 'cause..."

* * *

All seven prisoners were now awake, and sitting on the floor of the giant prison. Ovid was still sleeping like a baby.

"Alright, has everyone got it?" Sabin had been explaining his escape plan.

"Yes, replied Celes,"But how do we know that any of the other Returners are going to be captured?"

"Because Cyan is being led into the room," Setzer was standing up, and looking out of the bars. To his left, he saw Cyan, and Roy enter the cavern, followed by Krugg.

"There's a kid, too," said Setzer.

Everyone else stood up. The old man and Relm stood in the back. The rest of them stood in front, but far enough from the door so their plan wouldn't be too obvious. The thief was ready to fight with them, as well, even though Locke and Celes were responsible for killing his companions. He wanted to get out as soon as possible.

"Remember," whispered Sabin,"Sneak out, while I find my brother."

"Welcome to your new home!" bellowed Krugg, once they were in front of the cell.

"Wake up, you slug!!" Krugg yelled at Ovid.

Ovid jumped to his feet.

"What?" he asked groggily,"Oh, you're back, Krugg! More prisoners?"

"Yeah," replied Krugg,"Just give me the key!"

Ovid handed him the key to the cell.

'That guy is HUGE' thought Sabin,"Good thing I'm in front.'

The lock clicked, as Krugg turned the key. He slid open the barred door.

"NOW!" cried Sabin.

They all leapt into action. Sabin gave Krugg a hard jab in the stomach. He tipped over, and slammed into the rock wall behind him.

"What?!" cried Krugg,"I actually felt that!"

Setzer and the thief grabbed Ovid, and held him up against the wall.

"This will teach you for trying to blow me up!" cried Setzer. He was still a little weak from his injuries, but his adrenaline kept him going.

Krugg leapt to his feet.

"You'll pay for that!" he cried, as he punched Sabin in the chest. The blow knocked him all the way into the back of the cell.

"You monster!" Cyan yelled, as he grabbed onto Krugg's right leg. Krugg kicked Cyan off, as Celes grabbed onto his left arm, and Locke began punching his stomach area. Krugg flung Celes down the corridor, and knocked Locke to the ground.

"Doesn't anyone get it?!" asked Krugg,"I CAN'T be defeated!!"

After rounding up everyone, he put them all back in the cell (except for Setzer, the old man and the thief). He then locked the door, and handed the key to Ovid.

"Get them somethin' to eat," he told Ovid, as he left with the three others.

* * *

"How much longer will it take?" Definnius stood behind Makrahcken, who was staring out the same opening as he had the previous night.

"I don't know," replied Makrahcken,"My guess is about twelve hours each way."

"How much longer?" Definnius asked again.

"Assuming it didn't take him much time to locate Strago," replied Makrahcken,"I would say that he is on his way back by now."

"Blast it!" cried Definnius,"Why couldn't he have gotten it right the first time!"

"He's a bird!" responded Makrahcken, turning his head around,"He's not a genius! This wouldn't be happening if Ovid hadn't crashed the airship. I don't see why you put up with him."

"I don't see why I put up with either of you!" shouted Definnius,"And the crash was mostly the fault of those blasted Returners!"

Makrahcken turned back to the window-like opening, showing little emotion.

"I'm going to go meet with the...necessary, prisoners," declared Definnius,"Bring him directly to me, when he arrives!"

Makrahcken continued to stare out, with a blank look. Definnius turned abruptly, and marched out of the small room. Makrahcken wasn't too fond of taking orders, and he really despised Definnius right now. The only reason he was even part of the cult was because he wanted power. That was about the only reason anyone was in the cult. Ovid, Krugg, and himself were the most enthusiastic members, and felt that they were worthy of being Definnius' top ranking men. Everyone else was a guard, who would probably never amount to anything.

"Hurry, Kouse," he whispered to himself,"I want to get this plan into action."
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