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The Figaro Brothers

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

A Familiar Army

The sky was a bright orange, as the sun rose over the mountains. Sabin Rene Figaro had just woken up. His two companions, his brother Edgar and his friend Setzer, were still asleep. Sabin realized that they must move quickly, just in case Ovid had survived the crash of the Falcon. Ovid was a criminal of Figaro, and was the whole reason Sabin and Edgar were out here in the first place.

"Rise and shine, brother," Sabin shook his sibling.

"what?" Edgar sat up groggily on the wet, dewy grass.

"We've got to go after Ovid!" Sabin reminded him.

"So early?" Edgar looked around, still half asleep.

"Early?" replied Sabin,"If I slept this late, Duncan would tell me I had wasted half the day!"

"You're right," declared Edgar, standing up,"We've got a job to do! Is Setzer awake yet?"

"Not yet," answered Sabin.

He began shaking Setzer, and telling him to wake up.

"Okay! I'm up!" cried Setzer standing up.

He looked up at the sky.

"It's hardly dawn!" he exclaimed,"I don't usually go to sleep until right about now!"

Setzer was a notorious gambler, who usually gave his nights away to gambling, and having fun. After looking around, he realized that he didn't remember meeting up with the two royal brothers.

"Why are we here?" Setzer asked,"I can't remember anything. I woke up on the ground last night, and saw you two sleeping. I was going to wake you, but my head hurt, and I felt groggy."

"Those were the side effects of the slave crown," explained Edgar, who had managed to keep it through the whole ordeal.

"Slave crown!" cried Setzer,"Now I remember! I had parked the Falcon near Jidoor, because I heard that Maria was going to be performing at the Opera House. A man snuck up behind me, and said my airship would serve his master well. I blacked out after that."

"Can you remember what the man looked like?" asked Edgar.

"Not really," answered Setzer,"Except for he was wearing dark clothing, and I think he had a bird with him."

"A bird?" said Sabin,"I didn't know Ovid kept pets."

"I guess he must," replied Edgar,"And he must have access to technology, such as a slave crown. I doubt he could actually create mechanical devices, though."

"How did he get from Figaro to Jidoor and back in one night?" asked Sabin.

"Maybe it was before he was working in Figaro," answered Edgar.

"He's working for you?" Setzer seemed puzzled.

"He was," replied Edgar,"until he dismantled the switch in the control room of the castle. We were chasing after him, when he tried to escape on the Falcon, and-"

"The Falcon!" Setzer exclaimed,"Where is it?!"

"It kinda crashed," uttered Sabin.

"Take me to it!" demanded Setzer,"I've got to try to repair it!"

"Maybe we can get Ovid at the same time," said Sabin.

* * *

The Falcon was still at the base of the mountain. The flames from the engine had been put out. The back end looked almost perfect, but the front was nothing but smashed lumber.

"MY SHIP!!!" cried Setzer,"What happened?! Who did this?!"

"You did," replied Edgar,"When you were under the influence of the slave crown, one of your cards got caught in the engine."

"Great," said Setzer,"I've lost my wings again."

* * *

A thorough search of the wreck turned up no bodies; dead or alive. Setzer was beginning to feel more hopeful about being able to repair it.

"Where could Ovid have made off to?" wondered Sabin.

"Maybe he went there," Edgar pointed to a town. There was a small opening in the mountains in front of it, but other than that, the town was surrounded by mountains. Sabin saw the tall towers in the distance, and instantly knew what town it was.

"Zozo!" Sabin declared,"A scum-ridden town like that would be a perfect place for him to be!"

"Let's go!" cried Edgar.

* * *

The trio was almost through the split in the mountains. Edgar took the Autocrossbow that he had strapped to his back, and held it ready. Sabin was wearing his Dragon Claw. This town was dangerous, and they had to be ready.

"I didn't know so many people lived here," said Setzer, pointing in front of them.

In the distance, between the three men and Zozo, was a large group of people. They were coming closer at a very fast rate.

"It's a small army!" cried Edgar,"What do you suppose they want with us?"

"I don't know," replied Sabin, taking a battle stance,"But I'm ready for 'em!"

"Maybe we shouldn't be so suicidal," said Setzer.

"Look," noticed Edgar,"See the outfits those men are wearing?"

Sabin and Setzer took a closer look. They were wearing white and gray robes; the outfit of the Cult of Kefka.

"The Cult of Kefka!" cried Setzer.

"They're probably mad at us for killing their lord," explained Edgar.

"What's that little brat have to do with them?" wondered Sabin.

"I don't know," replied Edgar,"And we can't find out if we're dead. Let's go!"

* * *

"Remember, King Edgar Figaro must remain alive!" Ovid was walking behind the army of men.

He had never been much of a fighter, but he volunteered to be one of his master's main henchmen. He always felt superior to everyone else, except for his master, who was becoming quite powerful. He had ordered Ovid to capture Edgar, and keep him alive at all costs. It would be nice to capture the other two alive, since they caused the Falcon to crash, and they were Returners.

* * *

"Hurry!" cried Edgar,"We're heavily outnumbered!"

The three of them were running back through the opening in the mountains. The Cult army was gaining fast. Sabin was in very good shape, and was getting far ahead of his two companions.

"It's been six months (huff!) since I did anything (puff!) this active," said Setzer, who was running out of breath,"I'm not used to it!"

"Sabin still does the daily exercises that Duncan taught him!" replied Edgar,"I (huff!) wish I had, too!"

The army was almost upon them.

"We can't (puff!) outrun them!" declared Edgar.

The two of them stopped and faced the army. Edgar had his Autocrossbow in ready, and Setzer pulled out some of his card-shaped blades.

"Fate's dealt us a bad hand this time!" cried Setzer, as the army drew their swords and began their attack.
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