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The Figaro Brothers

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

Trailing A Criminal

"I always thought there was something suspicious about that little creep!" exclaimed Sabin, after finding out that a guard named Ovid was probably responsible for dismantiling the control switch,"C'mon brother! Let's go find him!"

"Right," replied Edgar. He turned to the Chancellor,"Chancellor, you're in charge until I get back."

"Right," said the Chancellor.

"I'll stand guard here," added Dolby,"In case someone else tries to take this thing apart."

"Good idea," said Edgar,"I just saw Ovid this morning, so he couldn't have gotten too far."

After a few minutes, the two brothers were in the middle of the desert, riding their big yellow chocobos. The stars and the full moon provided enough light for Edgar and Sabin to see. Sabin glanced down at the ground and saw some footprints in the sand, leading away from the castle.

"Look!" exclaimed Sabin,"Footprints!"

"Let's follow them," suggested Edgar; the pair rode off into the night.

* * *

Ovid sat nervously at the northeastern edge of Figaro Desert. They were probably onto him by now. He realized that maybe he should've waited until later to flee the castle, but he was afraid someone would discover that he had stolen parts to a switch. Besides, if he had left any later, he wouldn't have been here at the pre-arranged meeting time. 'Where is that ship, anyway?' thought Ovid. He had already done this a few times, but had never arrived here at the right time. This theft had been a lot more obvious, so that made Ovid all the more impatient. Then he saw it in the sky. The ship was coming, and his wait would be over.

* * *

"Do you see that?" Sabin pointed skyward, as they rode along.

"Yeah," answered Edgar,"It almost looks like an airship!"

"The tracks lead in the same direction as the airship is," remarked Sabin.

"We're getting close," said Edgar,"Maybe we can get to it as it lands."

* * *

Ovid was watching the airship land, we he took a glance behind him. It looked like two people riding toward him. They were on to him, and they were going to catch him. 'Hurry up!' thought Ovid. The airship landed, finally, and Ovid saw a door open in it's side.

"Wait!" he heard one of the people behind him yell. A rope ladder dropped out of the door in the airship, and Ovid ran to it.

"Get back here!" he recognized the king's voice,"You're under arrest!"

Ovid leaped up onto the rope ladder. "So long suckers!" cried Ovid in his annoying, whiny voice.

He was quickly climbing up the ladder when Edgar and Sabin got there. They quickly dismounted, and hurried to the ship. Ovid entered the door, and disappeared. The ladder started moving up into the door. Edgar jumped up and grabbed onto the ladder, just before it moved out of reach. Sabin jumped up, and grabbed onto Edgar's ankles. The ladder suddenly stopped moving, and the brothers barely managed to climb up. Once inside, they closed the door behind them.

"We made it," said Edgar.

"Any idea where Ovid got an airship?" asked Sabin.

"No," answered Edgar,"But someone had to fly it here, so he must have a partner."

They looked around, but they couldn't see much, because it was dark. There was no sign of anyone else.

"We'd better look around," suggested Edgar.

* * *

Ovid entered a small room on board the ship. There was a window, opposite the door, and the moonlight cast a beam across the room. He saw from the window, that they were in the air and moving now.

"Do you have it?" an eerie voice in the shadows asked.

"Y-yes, Master," replied a nervous Ovid,"Here it is."

He held out the switch, and a hand came out of the darkness, and grabbed it.

"Excellent," said the male voice, "You've done well, Ovid."

"Are we headed back to base, Excellency?" asked Ovid.

"Of course," said his master,"My plan is working flawlessly."

* * *

The two brothers had entered a room with windows. The moon lit up the room enough, so they could see it was relatively large; about the size of the interior of Setzer's airship. They could also see that they were moving pretty fast.

"We've got to get on deck, and see who's driving," said Edgar.

"Right," replied Sabin,"There's a stairway over there."

They walked ahead, and to their right, up a small flight of stairs. The stairs led up to an inside balcony, which overlooked the room below.

"I have a bad feeling about this," admitted Edgar.

"C'mon," said Sabin,"Up this ladder."

Edgar followed his brother up a metal ladder, which led to the main deck. Once they were both standing on deck, Edgar noticed a average-sized person was at the controls, facing away from them.

"I don't think he knows we're here, brother," said Sabin.

They began to walk up to the pilot, cautiously. The strong breeze created by the airship's movement, made it difficult to walk.

They were standing directly behind the driver, which they could now tell was a familiar looking man. The man didn't move, he just kept on driving. Edgar had an awful feeling.

The Figaro Brothers moved to his front, and got a look at his face.

"SETZER?!!" Edgar exclaimed.
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