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The Adventures of Terra

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic


Terra, Roy, and the prisoners of Doma had been awake for quite some time. They hadn't been on the deck once since they had boarded the vessel, so they could only guess that it was late morning.

"I don't like this, Mama," Roy looked at Terra sadly.

"I know," replied Terra,"But it'll get better soon."

Just then, the door leading onto the deck opened, and everyone shielded their eyes from the sunlight that streamed in. The profiles of two figures could be seen. Terra recognized one ominous figure as Krugg. The other one was smaller, and seemed familiar.

"Get down there!" cried Krugg.

"You shall not get away with this!" shouted the voice of the other, as he walked down the stairs.

Terra instantly recognized that the other man was Cyan. He sat down beside her and Roy.

"They captured you, too?" Cyan and Terra said in unison.

"Krugg captured me and Roy on the Veldt," explained Terra.

"He boarded one of Doma's ships, and captured me," said Cyan,"He killed all of my crew. I think the only one alive on board is Shadow."

"Shadow!" Terra cried,"I thought Krugg killed him!"

"Shadow has been in Doma for the past few days," said Cyan,"and Krugg hasn't-"

Just then, it all started to fit together. Cyan looked around, and recognized the prisoners of his castle. He also realized that Krugg was at least seven feet tall, and was strong enough to punch a hole in the wall. Shadow must have tried to stop Krugg, and Krugg thought he had killed him.

He explained all of this to Terra, as well as recent events in Doma. The prisoners confirmed his theory.

"I do not believe it," said Cyan,"I was going to have Clyde executed for something he didn't do. I have no honor."

"Well," replied Terra," A person like Krugg is hard to believe, until you see him. What going to happen to him for robbing the train?"

"After what I have put him through," responded Cyan,"I'll probably let him go. He did save the world. Unfortunately, if we do not get out of here, he will never know that he is a free man."

"If you guys are escaping, count me in," said one prisoner.

"I'll help, too," said another,"But if I'm free, I'm not going back to prison!"

"If he picked you two up on the Veldt," started Cyan,"And he crossed paths with my ship, then he is most definitely going to the east side of the northern continent. Probably South Figaro, Figaro Castle, Jidoor, or maybe Zozo."

"I never realized you were so good at deduction," replied Terra.

"One must push their abilities to their greatest potential, in times of crisis," declared Cyan.

"Unfortunately," said Terra,"That doesn't help us much. There is a lot of ocean between us and land."

"What if we took control of the ship?" suggested one of the prisoners.

"Good idea," said Terra,"But, how? We have no weapons, and Krugg is a behemoth. Not to mention his crew of cult members."

Suddenly Cyan wished Shadow had been captured, too. Ninja's are trained to fight with and without weapons. Then it hit him.

"Krugg used some kind of sleep gas to break in to Doma Castle," explained Cyan,"If we could find the ship's supplies, we might find some sleep gas!"

"Great!" exclaimed Terra,"Everyone, look around for a storage area, but try to keep quiet."

Everyone stood, and moved around cautiously.

"Over here," one of the prisoners whispered.

He had found a small hidden compartment full of food. None of them had been fed, since they had been on the ship.

"Let's eat!" said one prisoner. Everyone took a portion, and sat back down.

There was silence as everyone ate. The prisoners hadn't eaten in days, and Roy, Terra, and Cyan were hungry, too.

"What's this, Mama?" Roy held up a small plant, resembling milkweed.

"It's some kind of vegetable, I think," replied Terra, who had just finished eating.

Just then, the door to the deck opened.

"How are we doing down there?" asked Krugg.

Suddenly, he noticed that there were crumbs on the floor, and some of the prisoners were eating. He started to stomp down the stairs. Roy dropped the milkweed from fright, and everyone who had been eating stopped.

"What have we here?" asked Krugg, looking around. Everyone was silent.

"I guess you found the food," he said. Then he started to walk forward, and he stepped on Roy's milkweed. A white vapor began to pour out.

"Wha-" was all that Krugg could say before he fell unconscious. Cyan and Terra had battle-hardened reflexes, and hurried up the stairs, before the gas could affect them. About five of the prisoners escaped with them. Terra was carrying Roy, who was unconscious.

"Let's take them!" cried Terra, once they were on deck, and saw five cult members. They drew their knives and advanced on Terra, Cyan, and the five Doma prisoners.

One of the prisoners punched a cult member in the face, knocking him out.

Another cult member tried to stab Cyan in the face, but the battle trained warrior ducked, and punched his robed nemesis in the stomach. The cult member dropped.

Terra, who had Roy over her shoulder, managed to push a third off of the ship. Two prisoners knocked out the other two Kefka worshippers.

"We did it!" cried Terra.

"A compass," said Cyan, picking up a small compass that had fallen on the deck.

"Try to figure out where we're headed," said Terra,"I'll take the wheel."

She laid Roy down near her, and began turning the wheel .

Cyan looked blankly at the round compass. He was never good with mechanical devices. He wished Edgar was with him.

"Where are we headed?" asked Terra.

"I think we are headed southeast at ninety-five degrees," uttered Cyan,"Wait, make that eastwest at three-hundred eighty degrees."

"Huh?" Terra was puzzled.

"I just found this on one of 'em," one of the prisoners handed a map to Terra. Their course was drawn onto it, and their location at noon was marked. Terra looked at the sun, and realized it was afternoon.

"This will help," replied Terra,"We're headed for Zozo."

"Let's turn and head for South Figaro," suggested one of the prisoners.

"You're not heading anywhere," Krugg was in front of the door that led to the cabin, and he looked ticked off. He grabbed one of the Doma prisoners.

"Get back down there, or he dies!" cried Krugg.

Terra realized that it would be hopeless to try to fight him, but she wasn't going to be a prisoner.

"You've lost, Krugg!" she cried, charging at him. He flicked her away, and she fell to the deck.

"One more time," said Krugg,"Get down there, or he dies!"

The four remaining prisoners of Doma, along with Terra, and Cyan, marched down the stairs. Cyan carried Roy, who was starting to wake up.

Once they were back down, they saw that the other nineteen prisoners were awake, as well. Krugg stormed down behind them. They all looked at him, only to see him crush the neck of the man he was holding.

"You said you wouldn't kill him!" cried Terra.

"Dishonorable monster!" cried Cyan.

"Try a stunt like that again, and I'll kill two of you," declared Krugg. He left the body there, and headed back up the stairs.

"Did we escape. Mama?" asked Roy groggily.

"No, dear," replied Terra,"We're right back where we started."
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