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The Adventures of Terra

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

Reuniting With a Friend


That was what a child named Roy was experiencing. A black, lizard-like creature with yellow eyes was staring down at Roy, like he was preparing for lunch. The creature was panting, breathing it's sulfurous breath in Roy's face.

Roy stared at the it's giant, drool-covered fangs, which lined the top and bottom of it's mouth. Roy didn't want to die, especially not like this. He prayed that his Mama would come and kill the monster.

The creature was done looking Roy over. It was time for it to devour him. It moved in closer, ready to take it's first gigantic bite. Roy slammed his teary eyes shut. It seemed like he waited forever. He opened his eyes again, and saw the monster was still standing over him, but it was looking to it's right. Something moving in the grass beside it, had gotten it's attention. It turned, it's long tail swayed in the air like a snake. Roy didn't know what was going to happen.

The monster looked down at the grass, when suddenly a small figure leapt out. It jumped onto the top of the creature's head, faster than any animal Roy had ever seen.

As Roy saw it biting, clawing, and hitting the monster's head and back, he saw that it looked human. Roy jumped to his feet, and began to back up. The thing on it's back had torn through the monster's thick skin, and blood was pouring out. The lizard-like creature shrieked in pain, and fell to the ground. The human-like thing jumped off.

Roy could see now that it was a kid, he was just wearing monster hides.

"Uwaoooooooooow!" he cried,"Me Gau! Me save you."

"Um," uttered Roy, still unsure what to think,"Thank you."

"Me hungry! Get me food!" demanded Gau.

"Uh," said Roy,"I don't have any."

* * *

Terra had heard a monstrous shriek, not too far away. She feared the worst, a monster had killed Roy. Why hadn't he just listened to her?

She saw a dead, bloody, lizard-like monster on the ground. Beyond it, someone was in front of Roy. It was Gau! She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why you not get me food?!" Gau got closer to him.

"I don't know where to get any," replied Roy,"I'm lost."

"Thank goodness nothing happened to you!" Terra came up behind them.

"Terra!" cried Gau,"Is this kid your friend?"

"Yes," answered Terra,"And he's in a lot of trouble!"

"I'm sorry, Mama," said Roy.

"Thank you, Gau,"said Terra,"For saving him."

"Okay," replied Gau,"Me hungry though."

"You can come back to Mobliz with us," suggested Terra,"We can give you some food there."

"Oh boy," said Gau,"Gau thank Terra!"

* * *

A man walked across the Veldt. The village was around here somewhere, and he would reach it soon. He never failed a mission, because no one could ever stop him.

* * *

The trip back to Mobliz was long, so Roy, Terra, and Gau tried to pass the time by talking to one another. It had been awhile since Gau had seen any of the other "Returners" as they had come to be known, and he was excited to see Terra again.

"You still live in Mobliz with kids?" Gau asked.

"Yes," replied Terra,"Duane, Katarin, and Gaia, their baby are still there too. We're trying to rebuild it."

"We're all one big family now," said Roy proudly,"and Terra's our Mama."

"Gau no have Mama," replied Gau,"Gau have father, though!"

"Why don't you live with him?" Roy asked.

"He different," replied Gau,"He no want Gau. Gau even dressed up nice."

"That reminds me," replied Terra,"What did you do with all of those new clothes?"

"Gau hid them, just like other treasures," replied Gau.

* * *

He knew he was getting closer. Soon she would be his prisoner. Or rather, his master's prisoner. Just then, he thought he could hear something in the distance. He hoped it was a monster, because he wanted a little excitement. The man saw three figures walking in the same direction he was, only farther south.

'Interesting,' he thought.

* * *

The trio kept walking. Terra knew that they were close.

"It's not far now!" said Terra.

"Good," replied Gau,"Gau VERY hungry!"

"Mama?" asked Roy,"What's that?"

Roy was pointing northward, to a giant dark figure.

"I hope it's not another lizard-creature," said Terra worriedly.

"Gau think it is person," replied Gau.

"He or she may need help," suggested Terra,"It's dangerous out here alone."

They headed toward the slow-moving person. Eventually, they could see it was a man. In fact, it was a huge, muscular man, who had to be at least seven feet tall.

"I guess I was wrong," remarked Terra,"I doubt that guy would need anyone's help!"

The man was wearing a black vest, and leather pants, which were also dyed black.

"Hello there!" cried Terra,"Who are you?!"

There was no response from the approaching man.

They all finally met up with each other. Terra could see that the man didn't look too happy.

"Alright," he said in a deep, tough voice,"I'm tired so I'm gonna make this quick! I'm looking for a woman, named Terra!"

"I'm Terra," replied Terra.

"Well," said the man,"All three of you just became my prisoners!"

"Prisoners?!" Terra was shocked,"You can't take us prisoner!"

She unsheathed a small sword, that she had brought with her.

"Don't bother, Lady," was the man's reply,"I put a ninja assassin out of commission, in under ten seconds! A weak little girl, and her two kids, aren't gonna stop me!"

Terra wondered if he had killed Shadow.

"Mama's not weak!" cried Roy, kicking the man in the leg.

"You little snot!" the man was ticked off now, but he hardly felt Roy's kick. He picked up Roy in his massive right hand.

"Drop your weapons, and come quietly, or the brat gets it!" he cried.

Gau wanted to tear the man apart, but he didn't want Roy to get hurt. Terra dropped her sword.

"I guess we have no choice," replied Terra, sadly.
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